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Can capitalists be revolutionaries? Internet Mana, elections and alliances

By Ian Anderson (Fightback/MANA Poneke). Ben Peterson (Mana Otautahi) recently submitted an article contending that MANA gained more than it lost from the Internet Mana campaign. As a fellow MANA socialist, I have some agreements and disagreements with this assessment that I’d like to flesh out. Ben’s article focuses heavily on voting numbers, and offers […]

In the Shadow of Kim Dotcom- the NZ left taking lessons from the 2014 Election

This piece was submitted to Fightback by Ben Peterson (Mana Otautahi) and represents his personal opinion. Fightback publishes it for discussion rather than endorsement. For those on the left last years election result was bitterly disappointing. Not only was John Key and the National Party returned to power with an increased majority, but the Mana […]

The Workplace

secure hours ANZ courtenay place

ANZ workers strike

ANZ workers across Aotearoa/NZ (members of FIRST Union) went on strike today, for secure hours and better wages. ANZ indebts customers and undermines staff, while CEO David Hisco makes over $2000/hr. With more attacks on unions, workers and beneficiaries on the way, collective action like this is exactly what we need. Kia kaha! See also Employment relations bill […]

An early action for International Women's Day.

They Will Never Crush Out The Union! The Role of Women in the 1890 Maritime Strike

By Ciaran Doolin. Reprinted from issue 2 of What She Said, magazine of UC Femsoc. By 1889 women workers in New Zealand had established their first industrial organisation, the Tailoresses’ Union. Lead by Harriet Morison, the union delivered marked increases in wages and substantive improvements in working conditions. The union was influential in the suffragette […]

MANA at a 2013 McStrike against zero-hour contracts and poverty wages.

MANA and Industrial Relations: “Between equal rights, force decides”

Fightback participates in the MANA Movement, whose stated mission is to bring “rangatiratanga to the poor, the powerless and the dispossessed.” Capitalism was imposed in Aotearoa through colonisation, and the fight for indigenous self-determination is intimately connected with the fight for an egalitarian society. Leading up to the election, we will be examining the major […]

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L’Observateur cover on anti-National Front demonstrations in 2002

I am not Charlie, and I’m just as sad as you are

By BC, @sinaute translated by Daphne Lawless, translation originally published here. “I didn’t go down into the crowd.” One @sinaute expresses, in the comments section of Daniel Schneidermann’s latest article, his unease with respect to the discourse of “national unity” after the murderous attacks against Charlie Hebdo. Under discussion, the “Islamophobic drift” of the magazine […]

Teresia Teaiwa speaks at Capitalism: Not Our Future (photograph by Bronwen Beechey).

“One ocean, one people” – Interview with Teresia Teaiwa on self-determination struggles in the Pacific

Teresia Teaiwa is a poet and founding academic of Pacific Studies in Aotearoa/NZ, who spoke on the gender panel at Fightback’s 2014 public conference Capitalism: Not Our Future. Teresia recently attended an international workshop on self-determination in Papua New Guinea. Ian Anderson interviewed her for Fightback. You recently attended a workshop in Papua New Guinea. […]

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urban green

Urban Housing is an Ecosocialist Issue

Fightback is running a series of articles on the housing crisis in Aotearoa/NZ. Daphne Lawless (Fightback Tamaki Makarau) argues that we need green, sustainable and affordable solutions to the housing problem. But that means more urbanisation, not less. It’s obvious that there is a great shortage of quality, affordable housing in Aotearoa. Or to be […]

Flood Wall Street

Thousands march against climate change

Article by Bronwen Beechey (Fightback/MANA Owairaka). The largest demonstration to date against climate change was held in New York City on September 21. The march was part of a global day of action held before a United Nations climate change summit in New York on September 23. Among the estimated 400,000 who attended were indigenous […]

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Oppression & Liberation

stonewall was an unpermitted action

7 thoughts on Pride and the Act of Protesting

By Kassie Hartendorp (Fightback Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellingt0n), originally published on her personal blog Guts Out. These are some observations in the wake of the protests against a police presence in the Auckland Pride march, and the violence towards one of the protestors, Emmy, which took place afterwards. There have been amazing pieces written in a short space of […]

roastbusters 1

#Gamergate, Roast Busters and Revenge Porn – The limits of the law in combatting sexual violence on the internet

By Vita Bryant (Fightback Wellington). My knowledge of, and interest in video games is practically non-existent, but when I saw #gamergate trending on my social media newsfeeds, I was intrigued – was the community finally having a discussion on the role of women in gamer culture that went beyond token sterotypes of “cool girls” and […]

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Catching Fire

Review: Catching Fire (movie)

By Wei Sun (Fightback, Christchurch). The second movie of The Hunger Games trilogy—Catching Fire, based on Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novels, officially started at the cinemas in November 2013. As a sequel to the first movie The Hunger Games, the story of Katniss Everdeen and the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem continues; and as in the previous […]

Director Emad Burnat's son Gibreel, featured in the documentary.

Review: Five Broken Cameras (Palestinian documentary)

Directors: Emad Bernat, Guy Davidi Distributed by: Kino Lorber Release year: 2011 Review: Ian Anderson Screened as part of Aotearoa/NZ’s first national Conference on Palestine, Five Broken Cameras portrays the resistance of a Palestinian village (Bil’in) to the expansion of Israel’s Separation Wall and settlements. Strictly the wall is illegal in international law, and the […]

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Te Hoki New Zealand in Afghanistan, broadcast on Maori TV. Image: Scoop, Lionel  de Coninck.

Moves to gut public and Maori broadcasting

Ian Anderson (Fightback/MANA Poneke). Paora Maxwell’s tenure as Maori TV CEO has been controversial. In August 2013, staff at Maori TV circulated a petition against Maxwell’s appointment by the Nats. More recently, Maxwell announced a restructuring process, and high-profile figures including Carol Hirschfeld left Maori TV. Now, plans to outsource TVNZ’s Maori and Pacific programming […]

Mass surveillance and sexual violence: The difference between Snowden and Assange

Last night’s ‘Moment of Truth’ event in Auckland, called together by Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom, revealed the extent of mass surveillance in Aotearoa/NZ. Our government, in complicity with a transnational regime headed by the US, collects extensive personal data through information technology. As seen in the 2007 Urewera Raids, governments will use this information […]

capitalism democracy

Democracy, Freedom and the Realisation of the Imagination – or ‘What is Socialism’

By Joel Cosgrove (Fightback – Wellington) (Notes from a talk in the “Introduction to Marxism” series) We spent last week talking about capitalism (a social/economic structure which is based on the production of things for profit). The flip side of a discussion of capitalism is a discussion of socialism. Clearly this is an hour long […]

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