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Bernie Sanders and the Killer Mike factor

Article by Alexander Billet, reprinted from Red Wedge Magazine. Originally posted on the 2nd of February 2016.  Let’s put something aside here. There is a very legitimate and challenging debate among an admittedly small radical left regarding support for Bernie Sanders’ run for the Democratic nomination. Anyone who says it’s not challenging, or that the […]

Nurses in Los Angeles protest US labor laws denying freedom of association, 2006.

‘A Toxic Combination’– The health impacts of the TPPA

Notes of a talk given at public meetings in Newtown, Lower Hutt, Otaki and Wainuiomata organised by TPP Free Wellington and the Horowhenua TPPA Action Group, January 2016. Reprinted from Grant Brookes’ NZNO blog. Kia ora koutou. Good evening. My name is Grant Brookes. I am a Registered Nurse, and the President of the New […]

The Workplace

secure hours ANZ courtenay place

ANZ workers strike

ANZ workers across Aotearoa/NZ (members of FIRST Union) went on strike today, for secure hours and better wages. ANZ indebts customers and undermines staff, while CEO David Hisco makes over $2000/hr. With more attacks on unions, workers and beneficiaries on the way, collective action like this is exactly what we need. Kia kaha! See also Employment relations bill […]

An early action for International Women's Day.

They Will Never Crush Out The Union! The Role of Women in the 1890 Maritime Strike

By Ciaran Doolin. Reprinted from issue 2 of What She Said, magazine of UC Femsoc. By 1889 women workers in New Zealand had established their first industrial organisation, the Tailoresses’ Union. Lead by Harriet Morison, the union delivered marked increases in wages and substantive improvements in working conditions. The union was influential in the suffragette […]

MANA at a 2013 McStrike against zero-hour contracts and poverty wages.

MANA and Industrial Relations: “Between equal rights, force decides”

Fightback participates in the MANA Movement, whose stated mission is to bring “rangatiratanga to the poor, the powerless and the dispossessed.” Capitalism was imposed in Aotearoa through colonisation, and the fight for indigenous self-determination is intimately connected with the fight for an egalitarian society. Leading up to the election, we will be examining the major […]

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Teresia Teaiwa on refugee rights in the Pacific: “Mana whenua leads to mana tangata”

Teresia Teaiwa is a poet and Pacific Studies academic in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Fightback previously interviewed Teresia here. Ian Anderson interviews Teresia on recent media coverage of Australia’s offshore detention centres. You have said that Australian refugee centres in Manus and Nauru are exploiting the desperation of those communities, alongside the widely-reported abuse of […]


Against campism: What makes some leftists support Putin?

By Daphne Lawless, Fightback Tāmaki Makarau At the time of writing, Russian forces are intervening in the civil wars in Ukraine and Syria; supporting the rebellions in the eastern provinces in the first case, and dropping bombs in support of the government of Bashar al-Assad in the second. While he may have been a general […]

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Change Everything: “We can no longer act like each of our struggles are single causes” (video + text)

Text of a speech originally delivered by Kassie Hartendorp at Oil Free Wellington‘s Change Everything flotilla & rally, December 13th 2015. Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e leilei, kia orana, bula vinaka, aloha! Tēnā koutou ki te whenua, ki te moana, ki te hunga mate, ki te tipuna. Ko Ngāti Raukawa te iwi, nō Te […]

this changes everything trailer

Film Review: This Changes Everything

Submitted to Fightback by Maria Ramos. Although the seriousness of global warming and climate change has been made clear through the work of scientists and environmental advocates, it’s sometimes difficult to present this message in a way that resonates with the general public. As long as modern practices of pollution and resource extraction continue unchecked, […]

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Oppression & Liberation

Contents Page: Voices of Women and Gender Minorities

Crowdfunded special edition of Fightback magazine (subscribe here), dedicated to radical writing by women and gender minorities. All contributors were paid. Editorial Not All Men, Bella Wallace Judgementality and the “neutral, objective” voice of whiteness, MZ Chatting “Pasifika” and “Feminism”, Malia Grace We talk a lot about the struggle, Sian Torrington Policing the colonial project of […]

A Son Samoa (Voices of Women and Gender Minorities)

Article originally published in Fightback magazine’s special issue dedicated to paid radical writing by women and minorities. By Falenaoti Mokalagi. Content Warning: sexual assault. Yesterday a son of Samoa was jailed 25 years after the fact I sat next to your daughter Samoa Birthed in Aotearoa I READ OUT ALOUD  the impact of this son […]

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key clark

Book Review: The FIRE Economy (Jane Kelsey)

By Ian Anderson, Fightback (Aotearoa / New Zealand). Professor Jane Kelsey has made headlines in recent months combating the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a secretive trade agreement that seeks to constitutionally embed neoliberalism. Her latest book, The FIRE Economy: New Zealand’s Reckoning, is a welcome explanation of the political-economic history that has led us […]

Book Review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate

by Naomi Klein: Simon & Schuster, 2014 Review by Daphne Lawless (Fightback Auckland / Tāmaki Makarau) It’s quite depressing to note how long the facts have been out there that capitalism is – literally and figuratively – eating up the only planet we have. Scientists were telling US President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 that the […]

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hashtag activism

No Hashtag – Why campaigning needs to look more like a movement than marketing.

Article by Ben Peterson, originally published on his personal blog leftwin. If you speak to some activists, they’ll tell you that it’s a time of change. From the union office to the rally in the street, a new way of doing things is on the rise. The hard times for the left are coming to […]

Te Hoki New Zealand in Afghanistan, broadcast on Maori TV. Image: Scoop, Lionel  de Coninck.

Moves to gut public and Maori broadcasting

Ian Anderson (Fightback/MANA Poneke). Paora Maxwell’s tenure as Maori TV CEO has been controversial. In August 2013, staff at Maori TV circulated a petition against Maxwell’s appointment by the Nats. More recently, Maxwell announced a restructuring process, and high-profile figures including Carol Hirschfeld left Maori TV. Now, plans to outsource TVNZ’s Maori and Pacific programming […]

Mass surveillance and sexual violence: The difference between Snowden and Assange

Last night’s ‘Moment of Truth’ event in Auckland, called together by Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom, revealed the extent of mass surveillance in Aotearoa/NZ. Our government, in complicity with a transnational regime headed by the US, collects extensive personal data through information technology. As seen in the 2007 Urewera Raids, governments will use this information […]

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