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WGTN conference – Capitalism: Not Our Future

A conference on struggle, solidarity and socialism. More details to come. Queens Birthday Weekend (30th May-1st June) People‘s Cinema, 57 Manners Street, Wellington Koha entry [Facebook event] Friday 30th of May 5:30-7 – Elections and community struggle (featuring Hone Harawira and international guests) Saturday 31st of May 10-11am – What is Capitalism? What is Socialism? […]

April 2014 issue of Fightback now online

Welcome to the April 2014 issue of Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ). Fightback stands for struggle, solidarity and socialism. In the last issue, Fightback covered the formation of the Internet Party. This party is more or less a front for millionaire Kim Dotcom, who has faced repression for breaching copyright law with his online service Megaupload. The Internet Party’s politics are […]

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Tino Rangatiratanga: What’s it got to do with Pākehā?

Talk by Grant Brookes, 7 April 2014 – No.4 in Fightback’s weekly “Introduction to Marxism” series Perhaps more than the first three topics in Fightback’s “Introduction to Marxism” series, this one is loaded with questions. Most people probably had some idea about why a socialist group like Fightback supports trade unions, for instance, or what […]

The Workplace

suffragettes - harriet morison

“The Sin of Cheapness”: Harriet Morison and the Tailoresses’ Union

By Ciaran Doolin, Fightback (Wellington). Early migrants to New Zealand had high hopes. From the slums of the East End to the peasant villages of Guangdong province, they carried with them a shared vision of a fresh society, one where the injustices of the “Old World” would be no more than painful memories. However the […]

300 workers strike in Fiji

300 hotel workers strike in Fiji

  On December 31 close to three hundred workers at Sheraton Fiji, Sheraton Villas, and Westin Denarau Island Resort took industrial action. Workers held a spontaneous protest against the unilateral removal of their staff benefits. The strike was initiated by the land owning committee (LOC) after maternity leave and overtime pay entitlements were taken away. “In fourtee n […]

if blood be the price of your cursed wealth

World’s Wealth for the World’s Workers: A history of New Zealand’s labour movement

Notes from a talk delivered by Ciaran Doolin (Fightback, UC Marxist Society) in Christchurch. 1821 – The first recorded wage dispute in New Zealand was in the Bay of Islands in 1821. Māori timber-workers stopped work because they wanted to be paid ‘for their labour in Money, as was the case in England, or else […]

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Interview: Sue Bolton, Socialist Councillor for Moreland (Australia)

Sue Bolton is a longtime socialist activist and the Victorian convenor of Socialist Alliance. She was elected to the Moreland Council, which covers the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, in 2012. She will be a featured speaker at the Fightback conference in Wellington in May. She was interviewed for Fightback by Bronwen Beechey. Fightback:There is […]

Maduro supporters march in Caracas

Venezuela: The right-wing on the streets

By Bronwen Beechey, Fightback (Auckland). Venezuela has experienced a wave of protests over the past few weeks. Demonstrations against the government, largely by university students, began after the hard-line opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called for supporters to go onto the streets and demand the exit of President Nicolas Maduro. Food shortages, corruption and crime have […]

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Deep sea drilling: The spirit of Mururoa?

By Bronwen Beechey, Fightback (Auckland). In June 1973, the NZ Labour government sent two Navy frigates to the Pacific atoll of Mururoa to formally protest against France’s testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. The Spirit of Peace, the Fri and the Vega, also sailed to Mururoa to observe the tests. Photographs of French sailors […]

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The climate crisis

By Wei Sun (Fightback, Christchurch) World production and consumption have been increasing rapidly in recent decades due to global ‘westernization’. While socially this can mean a higher standard of living for many in the developing world, the results are mostly negative on the local, national and global natural environment. For example, global transportation has increased […]

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Oppression & Liberation

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Blurred lines: Representation versus social commentary

This article was submitted to Fightback by UC Femsoc member Sionainn Byrnes. As a sixth-year student at the University of Canterbury, I often find myself wondering whether I am completely out of touch with reality. Whether years of socialization within the Ivory Tower have caused me to unreasonably textualize everything I see – I am an […]

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Why socialists need feminism, why feminists need socialism

A Socialist Feminist 101 talk given by Kassie Hartendorp, Member of Fightback (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2014. This talk was originally given as the first part of a Socialist Feminist Day School held by Fightback in Wellington/Te Whanganui-a-Tara at 19 Tory Street. This was followed by poet & academic Teresia Teaiwa […]

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Catching Fire

Review: Catching Fire (movie)

By Wei Sun (Fightback, Christchurch). The second movie of The Hunger Games trilogy—Catching Fire, based on Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novels, officially started at the cinemas in November 2013. As a sequel to the first movie The Hunger Games, the story of Katniss Everdeen and the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem continues; and as in the previous […]

Director Emad Burnat's son Gibreel, featured in the documentary.

Review: Five Broken Cameras (Palestinian documentary)

Directors: Emad Bernat, Guy Davidi Distributed by: Kino Lorber Release year: 2011 Review: Ian Anderson Screened as part of Aotearoa/NZ’s first national Conference on Palestine, Five Broken Cameras portrays the resistance of a Palestinian village (Bil’in) to the expansion of Israel’s Separation Wall and settlements. Strictly the wall is illegal in international law, and the […]

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The Internet Party: A progressive force?

By Byron Clark, Fightback (Christchurch). The Internet Party is going to fundamentally change this country’s political landscape, apparently. It’s unusual for a party that has not registered with the electoral commission, and who haven’t announced any concrete policy or candidates, to be viewed in such high regard by the media, yet we are seeing comments […]

Education and Capitalism: Behind the Massey-McDonald’s partnership

Morgan Welch Massey University has formed a partnership with McDonalds Restaurants that will allow a number of McDonald’s store managers to cross-credit their prior learning towards an undergraduate business degree. An in-house course run for McDonalds by an external provider, Service HQ, provides managerial staff with the National Diploma in Hospitality, a New Zealand Qualifications […]

Marxism and mental health (audio)

Fightback’s Polly Peek recently spoke on the topic of Marxism and mental health in Christchurch. Capitalism functions in such a way that people impacted by mental illness are often lacking the health services needed, and face discrimination in employment and stigmatisation in wider society. Downloadable MP3 available here

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