The Anti-Capitalist Election Campaign

From The Spark 26 June 2002. Not that prior to 2006 the organisation currently known as the Workers Party was called the Anti-Capitalist Alliance (ACA).

Since the Anti-Capitalist Alliance was formed in April around 100 people have signed up to join nationally. While the ACA got together to stand in the elections it looks likely the coalition will continue with political work in the months ahead.

The campaign is very different from that of the capitalist parties. We are not vote-catching, but taking a message out that what the present system offers is simply not good enough, and it´s time to stand up and fight for change.

The ACA have been holding stalls, speaking at open air meetings at markets in working class districts, leafleting, putting up posters and hoardings (see photo) and generally making the most of the opportunities for heightened interest in politics at election time.

ACA is also running study courses for people who want to understand the world in order to change it.

The ACA is still very small, and we have no illusions that we will get big votes. We know that there is much work to be done to transform the present situation where the majority of workers feel powerless to change things. Nevertheless there are growing numbers of people who are not prepared to quietly accept the present order.


Auckland: Mark Muller is standing in Manukau East, he is a long time member of the Workers Party of New Zealand, he is on the executive of the National Distribution Workers’ Union. He has been active in struggles for workers and democratic rights. Daphna Whitmore is standing in Mt Albert against Helen Clark, she is a founding member of the Workers’ Party of New Zealand and is editor of it’s fortnightly journal The Spark. She is on the coordinating committee of the International League of People’s Struggles, a democratic movement of 220 organisations around the world.

Christchurch: Phillip Ferguson is standing in Christchurch East. He is a life long Marxist, he was a full-time Sinn Fein organiser in Ireland 1986-1994; he founded revolution magazine in 1997 and is completing a PhD on the White New Zealand policy. Wigram electorate candidate is yet to be decided (as we go to press).

Wellington: Paul Hopkinson is standing in the Mana electorate (Porirua). He has travelled widely, worked in many industries and now teaches in a Porirua high school. He is part of the revolution group.


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