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Book Review: Dialectics of Revolution by Kevin B Anderson

Book title: Dialectics of Revolution: Hegel, Marxism, and its critics through a lens of race, class, gender, and colonialismAuthor: Kevin B AndersonReleased: 2020Review by: Victor Osprey What is Marxism? Is it a philosophy, a science – or both? What distinguishes science from philosophy, and is it a distinction as easy to determine as we might […]

The wealthy backers of the alt-right

By BYRON CLARK The growth of right-wing populism in the mid-2010s has frequently been misconstrued as a working-class phenomenon (or at least, a “white working class” phenomenon). Donald Trump’s supporters in the US however were wealthier than the average American voter and analysis of the Brexit vote in the UK found no real correlation between […]

Revolutionary Strategy

What is the base of right-wing populism?

Does Trump appeal mainly to the ‘white working class’?

Fightback Conference talks online now

Recorded talks from Fightback conference online now.

Zombie Stalinism: 25 years later, who wants the Berlin Wall back?

This piece was originally printed on the IS Network (UK) website on the 18th November 2014. We reprint it in light of the lapsing of that original post, aswell as our own convergence with the analysis of Stalinism and ‘campism’ (see for example Daphne Lawless’ Against Campism: What makes some leftists support Putin?). Twenty-five years […]

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Book review: Europe’s New Strongman

Book title: Orbán: Europe’s New StrongmanAuthor: Paul LendvaiReleased: 2019Review by: Byron Clark While there has hardly been a shortage of strongman leaders for the right to admire in recent years, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stood out. Last year Vox referred to him as “The American right’s favourite strongman”1 and British far-right figurehead Tommy […]

The state of hate in Europe

This article was written for Fightback’s magazine issue on the far right. Subscribe here. Written by Byron Clark. The UK based Hope Not Hate campaign have released their annual report on the state of far-right extremism. While the report’s focus in on Europe there is a New Zealand connection, with the report noting that the […]

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The impacts of climate change on New Zealand

This article is from the new issue of FIGHTBACK magazine, “Climate Change/ Just Transition”. Note: production of the print version has been delayed due to the shutdown of all non-essential economic activity in Aotearoa New Zealand, but the electronic version has been mailed out to subscribers.

Climate change as political murder

This piece by Derek Johnson was originally delivered on the Where’s My Jetpack podcast: This piece will be printed in Fightback’s upcoming magazine issue on Climate Change and Ecosocialism. To subscribe with PayPal or credit card, click here. A study by the United Nations has found climate change could drive 122 million more people […]

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Book review: Culture Warlords

Book title: Culture Warlords: My Journey Into the Dark Web of White SupremacyAuthor: Talia LavinReleased: 2020Review by: Will Howard Culture Warlords functions as a look at some hard truths of the world. It’s not very fun to be immersed in white supremacy, so I shy away from it. I let them have their corners, and […]

ANZACs vs Jihadis? Examining the far right’s WWI narrative

This article was written for Fightback’s magazine issue on the far right. Subscribe here. Article by Byron Clark. On April 30, 2019, the website Right Minds, operated by Diewue de Boer, published an article headlined “Christian Man Threatened With Arrest For Anzac Day Sign”.1 The sign in question featured pictures of the man’s uncle accompanied […]

The genocide that inspired the Christchurch shooter

When Muslim Bosniaks were massacred in the 1990s Yugoslav wars, the West let it happen. The fascists want it to happen again.

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Workplace Struggle

“I’m a Wobbly through-and-through”: Interview with Australian RAFFWU/IWW unionist Tilde Joy

Interview with young Australian unionist Tilde Joy.

Essential Workers: Essentially Expendable?

Survey of essential workers reveals concerns including stress and anxiety, safety concerns not being heard, fear of contracting Covid-19 or infecting loved ones and colleagues.

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Gender & Sexuality

SWERF and TERF: The Red-Brown alliance in Policing Gender

Why has a whole organisation of veteran communists in New Zealand devoted itself to fighting AGAINST equality for trans people?

Contents Page: Voices of Women and Gender Minorities

Crowdfunded special edition of Fightback magazine (subscribe here), dedicated to radical writing by women and gender minorities. All contributors were paid. Editorial Not All Men, Bella Wallace Judgementality and the “neutral, objective” voice of whiteness, MZ Chatting “Pasifika” and “Feminism”, Malia Grace We talk a lot about the struggle, Sian Torrington Policing the colonial project of […]

Living Outside The Rainbow: Queerness and the Housing Crisis

Fightback is running a series of articles on the housing crisis in Aotearoa/NZ. Kassie Hartendorp (Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington) explores the specific housing problems faced by queer youth. When you start to peer past the rainbow flags and glitter shine of LGBTIQ ‘issues’, there are many more stories to be told that don’t end with a marriage certificate […]

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