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Fightback Conference Report 2021

While 2020 was a year that many would rather forget, there were a number of political developments that were overshadowed by the COVID 19 pandemic. These were the subject of an online educational conference organised by Fightback, held on 23 January. The event attracted a number of participants from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, the US […]

“I’m a Wobbly through-and-through”: Interview with Australian RAFFWU/IWW unionist Tilde Joy

Interview with young Australian unionist Tilde Joy.

Revolutionary Strategy

Zombie Stalinism: 25 years later, who wants the Berlin Wall back?

This piece was originally printed on the IS Network (UK) website on the 18th November 2014. We reprint it in light of the lapsing of that original post, aswell as our own convergence with the analysis of Stalinism and ‘campism’ (see for example Daphne Lawless’ Against Campism: What makes some leftists support Putin?). Twenty-five years […]

Fightback’s Pre-History in the New Zealand Left

by DAPHNE LAWLESS Since Fightback’s analysis and articles have been getting more attention from international comrades, we regularly get questions asking what “tradition” or organisational pedigree we belong to – are we Trotskyists, Marxist-Leninists, left-communists, or what? This very brief historical sketch aims to show how messy and complicated our background is. We feel, though, […]

Book review: The Impossible Revolution – Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy

By Ani White. As sectarianism and the far-right rear their heads internationally, it’s easy to forget the optimism of 2011. Those seeking to understand this trajectory must read Syrian revolutionary Yassin al-Haj Saleh’s essay collection The Impossible Revolution: Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy. A foreword by Robin Yassin-Kassab, who co-wrote the excellent work Burning […]

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Pasifika people and the New Zealand election

The traumas of the colonial project in the Pacific are not only being actively ignored, but are being added to.

Left Populism at the dead end: where to after Corbyn and Sanders?

Why has the “Left-populist” wave of electoral movements reached such a dead end? And was it a wrong direction to start with?

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The impacts of climate change on New Zealand

This article is from the new issue of FIGHTBACK magazine, “Climate Change/ Just Transition”. Note: production of the print version has been delayed due to the shutdown of all non-essential economic activity in Aotearoa New Zealand, but the electronic version has been mailed out to subscribers.

Climate change as political murder

This piece by Derek Johnson was originally delivered on the Where’s My Jetpack podcast: This piece will be printed in Fightback’s upcoming magazine issue on Climate Change and Ecosocialism. To subscribe with PayPal or credit card, click here. A study by the United Nations has found climate change could drive 122 million more people […]

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Aunties Book Review: An essential collection

An essential collection.

How the far-right found a home in the New Conservative Party

Rather than ignoring the fringe blogging of a young man who said his party was not pushing climate change denial hard enough while dismissing every mainstream party as “socialist” and throwing in some barely hidden Islamophobia, Ikilei had specifically sought out de Boer. It may be that the politics of New Conservative are not as different from Right Minds as de Boer originally thought.

Introduction: ‘Fighting Islamophobia and anti-Semitism’ Special Issue

To order our pamphlet on Fighting Islamophobia and anti-Semitism for $20, please contact us at, or subscribe to our publications at This Special Issue began as a response to the events of March 15th in Christchurch New Zealand, the murder of 50 Muslims by a far right terrorist. On a personal note, a […]

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Workplace Struggle

Essential Workers: Essentially Expendable?

Survey of essential workers reveals concerns including stress and anxiety, safety concerns not being heard, fear of contracting Covid-19 or infecting loved ones and colleagues.

No Concessions: Australian tertiary education workers fight back

In the NTEU, my union, a rank and file rebellion is challenging officials’ defeatist response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Gender & Sexuality

SWERF and TERF: The Red-Brown alliance in Policing Gender

Why has a whole organisation of veteran communists in New Zealand devoted itself to fighting AGAINST equality for trans people?

Contents Page: Voices of Women and Gender Minorities

Crowdfunded special edition of Fightback magazine (subscribe here), dedicated to radical writing by women and gender minorities. All contributors were paid. Editorial Not All Men, Bella Wallace Judgementality and the “neutral, objective” voice of whiteness, MZ Chatting “Pasifika” and “Feminism”, Malia Grace We talk a lot about the struggle, Sian Torrington Policing the colonial project of […]

Living Outside The Rainbow: Queerness and the Housing Crisis

Fightback is running a series of articles on the housing crisis in Aotearoa/NZ. Kassie Hartendorp (Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington) explores the specific housing problems faced by queer youth. When you start to peer past the rainbow flags and glitter shine of LGBTIQ ‘issues’, there are many more stories to be told that don’t end with a marriage certificate […]

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