Spark Audio: Cuba – resisting imperialism

In this talk Mike Treen looks at the history of Cuba since the revolution and Cuba’s place in the world today.
Recorded at Marxism 2008.

Download the MP3 here.


  1. Thanks for posting this talk. More groups should do the same thing. The links to this talk has also now been sent out to the CubaNews list which I’ve been directing for eight years. Check it out if you want to follow the Cuban Revolution.

    Attracdtive website, too.

  2. anthropologus says:

    I apologise in advance if I don’t agree with this topic as a whole. I spent some considerable time in Cuba of which funds were provided by the Communist part of my birth country. The year was 1991 and we/re recruited by hand from the ranks of our University and our idealism.

    I always thought of Cuba as the perfect communist structure and was quite disappointed to discover by experience the capitalist underground (not officially financed) of this island-nation.

    Dollars have always been accepted there and perhaps not legally claimed by the Cuban government, dollars has also financed the “non-existing” tourism industry around the islands few resorts.

    I had dollars and the Cubans were happy to accept it because of the market open to accept “imperialism” on it’s true form: beyond national ideology.

    The article is valid but not necessarily truth in in full context.


  3. I agree there are definite problems in Cuba (as is to be expected in any semi-colonial nation trying to build socialism in isolation) including low-level official corruption and the emergence of an underground black market.

    Within our organisation their are a range of views on Cuba – ranging from critically supportive to those who see it as anti-imperialist but still within the framework of capitalism (we don’t have a single “party line” on these kinds of issues).

    Mike Treen (the comrade who gave this talk) is an independent socialist who is heavily involved in Cuba Solidarity work in NZ.

  4. American influence is everywhere, even in Cuba…

  5. anthropologus says:

    Replace the “American Influence” with “the hopes of opportunity of better life” and you will have the problem (and solution) of Cuba.

    Fidel, an egocentric character, failed to provide the proper benefits of Socialism to his counter partners and worse, failed to fund propaganda for neighbour nations of which could create a “chain reaction effect” and disestablish the American dominance in central America.

    Fidel, failed to understand what Che always knew to be possible, that a well organised American Communist State would create an irreversible change within the Americas. Sadly, Fidel settled to his own world and was happy to manage his commoners instead to increase the Communist ideal and open doors of freedom to nations such Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Porto Rico and even Mexico. Fidel instead become isolated on his dream for all these years. because of Fidel’s narcissism, the Cuban people suffered and they did badly.

    let me tell you a secret: Communism is full form was nearly at reach is Latin America before the 1980’s. We nearly got it. Things would be different if Fidel was Che.

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