McDonalds workers’ strike

Note: This post is getting a lot of views from the USA following recent strikes by Fast Food workers in New York. This post refers to a strike conducted by McDonalds workers in New Zealand in 2008.


Over 80 McDonald’s workers and supporters held a loud protest outside Queen St Auckland McDonald’s. Workers from stores around Auckland went on strike and joined the picket. They then marched to the Hyatt Hotel where McDonald’s managers were meeting.

The protests were loud and strong. The workers are angry about minimum wage pay rates and insecure hours.




  2. mlblogsbillw says:

    They took the job at min wage if they want a raise you go to the boss and plead your case, BUT not if your a communist. You take people out of their jobs. If I owned one of those restaurants I would FIRE everyone that walked out as there are plenty of people that would love to work.

    These people should be happy they have a job in this obama economy it could be that there will be no jobs soon with what obama (their so called friend) has coming down between the taxes for the Rich (they will slow down and fire workers) and the health care (the rich who HIRE PEOPLE) will move everyone to part time as this so called free health care is NOT free and will cost owners thousands that would have been to expand and hire people. BUT NO MORE so reap what you sow you little commies.

    • These people at least took jobs. They want to work. An indivigual confronting a boss like you would be fired. What you are seeing here is grass roots unionism.

  3. I knew John Key is an Americanophile (if that’s a word) but I didn’t realise we are another state of the US already. That TPP is very efficient

  4. It’s nice to see American workers fighting for what they believe in against corporations. Sometimes the fight has to go beyond bosses and managers and taken to the streets. I can’t attest to their particular situation, but the whole insecure hours thing looks like it need to be addressed.

    Unfortunately, raising minimum wage gives everyone else in the country a pay dip in reality…

  5. QUIT if you are not treated they way you think you should be. Go find a new job. If you dont have a High School Diploma, are a felon, or get pregnant as a teanager your life will be bleak.
    If you had a family and not a job to pay for them you are an IDIOT.
    You reap what you sow

  6. Pete Stover says:

    Man, You Guys Are My Heroes! . . . In Florida They Emasculated Workers Long Ago With That ‘Right-To-Work’ Hustle, So To This Day None Of Us Make SHIT! . . . I Gotta Work Three Jobs Just To Feed My Kids. It Ain’t Fair, But If We Don’t Stop This Republican Fascist Nonsense, They Will Assuredly ‘Inherit The earth’!!

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