Pay up Pak ‘n Save

Pak ‘n Save workers at Lincoln Road in Auckland held a picket today as part of their campaign to get an improved contract. The site was unionised last year by the NDU and the collective agreement is up for renewal.pak-n-save-nov-08-005
The supermarket is one of the largest and most profitable in New Zealand. The tooting from the public was deafening. Car loads of police arrived and tried to tell the union they couldn’t hold their picket – despite it being entirely peaceful and lawful.

The company has tried to issue trespass orders against union officials. The union officials have refused to accept the notices which cannot supersede union access rights.


  1. When the protesters were asked nicely to tone down their siren and megaphone use because the family living in the house directly over the road from Pak’N’Save who had small children were being deafened in their own home they were mocked, sneered at and yelled at through the mega phone.

    Zero compassion for the effect of the protest on innocent people with whom the protestors had no issue. Days and days of disturbance for this family and instead of an apology and a committment to maybe move the protest away from the only residential home near Pak’N’Save you all acted like pricks. Shame on you.

  2. Given that the family across the road who were apparently so terribly offended by the protest happened to be a couple of well-known right wing Christian activists (i.e. you and your husband) I’m not too sure that many people would regard this as an accurate barometer of general public opinion, Madeleine.

  3. Tim, Madeleine should have made it clear that it was her family being affected, but surely her religion isn’t relevent, the noise from protest were causing distress and the mocking buffoonish behaviour Madeleine described does the protesters no credit.
    If you’re claiming Madeleine is exaggerating say so, but this post itself “The tooting from the public was deafening.” supports her claim.

  4. Given that the workers party are well known left wing activists, its clear there comments about the protest do not reflect public opinion.

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