What’s behind the Israeli invasion of Gaza?

– Tim Bowron


Israel and most of the Western media would have us believe that the recent bloody assault on Gaza is a regrettable but unfortunate necessity forced upon the Israelis by the breaking of the June 2008 ceasefire by Hamas. This is a lie.

Between June 16 and November 4 when the Israeli army broke the ceasefire by carrying out an armed raid killing 6 Palestinians in Gaza, no Hamas rockets were fired into Israel. However, during this time Israel maintained a complete sea and air blockade of Gaza, restricting the movement of people as well as of goods and vital humanitarian supplies.

Israel has maintained this blockade since January 2006, when Hamas won power in the Palestinian Legislative Elections. Israel regards Hamas as a “terrorist organisation” because unlike the PLO it has not accepted the apartheid solution of partitoning Palestine into a homogenous Jewish state (Israel) and a small collection of impoverished Palestinian Bantustans in the West Bank and Gaza. The PLO’s acceptance of Israeli apartheid and the Oslo “Peace Process” is the main reason why it lost power in the 2006 elections.

In 1948 when the United Nations in concert with the Western imperialist powers created the state of Israel they gave it 55% of the land in Palestine, despite the fact that Jewish people only comprised one third of the total population. Today the Palestinians are left with only 22% of the land (and much of this is also taken up with illegal Israeli settlements). Over half the Palestinian population (4.2 million) are refugees.

Israel must keep fighting to ensure that it maintains its character as a homogenous Jewish state (the dream of the Zionists) – it knows that if the millions of Palestinian refugees were to exercise their right of return to the homes from which they were forced in 1948 and 1967 then the Jews would be a minority within their own country, so it must do all it can to “disappear” them from history.

The Zionists insist that Jews and Arabs cannot coexist within the same state. Yet this ignores the fact that until the arrival of the Zionist movement in the early 20th century Jews and Arabs had lived together peacefully in Palestine for centuries.

The only solution to the current conflict is the creation of a single democratic, secular and unified state in Palestine with equal rights for all peoples and religions. Until this is realised there will be no peace and no justice.


  1. Tim
    The above article was very well put not many people really knew what went in the last couple of decades on the Gaza Strip. The Palastinians have been sorely provoked to the extent that something had to snap. The situatuation was simply intolerable.

    A few years ago some articles were found at the local Lake Coleridge dump articles written by Palistinian scholars documenting the torments the Palistinians had to tolerate on the Gaza Strip. They were stolen from the Canterbury University but have been returned.

    Also I recieved a curious e-mail claiming to be from the Prime ministers office, but we found that it came from the PM office in Israel.
    Basicaly the e-mail was a load of bullshit it was making statements that I knew to be lies; (A) that Hamas got into power by means of a coup, and (B) That Hamas broke the cease fire.

    I am glad that your article has blown their credibility to smitherenes.

    Yours Faithfully


  2. Nick Scullin says:

    Great article Tim. The state of Israel is built on lies. Like “A land without a people, for a people without a land”. Its staggering how many people the Zionest state is willing to slaughter to maintains its Jewishness. Their committment to a racially pure state is disturbingly Nazi-like. A single state solution is the only answer as you so rightly point out!

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