Make National’s “Fire at Will” law a dead letter!


A forum to discuss plans for resisting the new 90-day legislation, the National-led government’s Xmas present to workers, is being held on Wednesday, February 4 at the WEA (Workers Educational Association) building, 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch, starting at 7pm.

Speakers include Andrew Mckenzie (Alliance; and a lawyer specialising in labour issues); Byron Clark (Workers Party; youth union activist); Fay Birch (cleaner and worker-advocate, specialising in personal grievance issues). Other union speakers have been invited.

The meeting is organised by the Workers Party and the Alliance Party.

All welcome!


  1. Some basic community organisation may help on this one. There will not be the resources to tackle every employer use of ‘Shon Keys’ xmas pressie. So how about activists in regions/cities keeping track of verified use of the fire at will law on workers and publishing blame and shame flyers, try to get same info into local media, and print appropriate stickers to place on employers premises indicating they use the fire at will law. Also consumer boycotts might be employed along with pickets where they can be organised.

    While this hardly constitutes major class fightback it is something practical that people (including supporters and family/workmates of the sacked) can do. “Its not OK to treat workers like shit” is a message that needs to be spread to all the tin pot small businesses out there. Not forgetting that Nact want to spread this law to all employers sooner rather than later.

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