Raising the minimum wage

Unite Union is spearheading a new campaign for a decent hike in the minimum wage. The campaign will take to the streets, with a petition for a referendum being the main tool used by activists to start discussions with workers about how we can raise wages and win control in our workplaces.

 The petition calls for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 immediately, and then in steps over the next three years until it reaches two-thirds of the average wage.

 “These steps will increase purchasing power in the economy by directing help to those who need it most,” says Unite’s Mike Treen. “The economic crisis facing the world is the toxic product of insatiable greed at the top and the free-market policies of governments that removed all controls. The end result is a skewing of income and wealth so that the rich got richer and the poor fell off the edge.”

 Look out for the campaign coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!


  1. I agree with UNITE but I don’t think that they are asking enough, lawyers are asking $200 per hour. How do they justify that income? Some dentists charge $400 to get a root canal a basic job that takes 20 to 30 minuites how do they justify that?
    Workers should be fighting for $30 per hour at least.
    Bring back the welfare state and pay workers a decent wage. W

  2. My last post got interrupted. Where will the money come from? you may well ask. The transnational corporations for a start then the land developers and shereholders etc. Before the recession huge amounts of capital was being accumalated in those area’s. Don’t you think that a fair share of that money be re-directed into a more productive market?



  3. Don Franks says:

    Unite is a trade union, whose job it is to organise the maximum number of workers get the best deal in the present ( capitalist) circumstances.
    It says a great deal about capitalism that even after 50 strikes Unite’s latest McDonalds settlement was light years behind the pay and conditions of lawyers and dentists. Lawyers and dentists work does take longer to learn than fast food service and attracts a greater reward on that account. However, food provision is an essential social service and is not recognised in terms of pay or job security. Capitalism is inherently unfair and that’s why, as well as unions, workers also ultimately need another form of organisation, a revolutionary party to lead struggle for a change of system.

  4. Hi Don Don’t get me wrong but Unite is a bloody good union other unions seem to be muzzeled.But claiming for an extra lousy five dollars is like Oliver asking for more porridge.

    Granted it takes professionals about five years to graduate but how many graduates are from working families now as compared with the 1970’s.

    I have had very bad experiences with dentists, while on chair of torture one was casuely discussing his stocks and shares portfolio to his assistant, that dentist had left a swab of cotton wool in my tooth and filled it over!!! When I tried to take action they all closed ranks and their association? Well that’s almost like a secret society!!!

    They are in it for the wrong reasons.


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