PFLP campaign update

Mike Walker and Paul Hopkinson

The Workers Party’s ongoing solidarity campaign with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is a concrete campaign through which progressive New Zealanders can support the people of Palestine and participate in the struggle against imperialism. Imperialist countries continue to seek to dominate resources in the developing world, extracting super profits at the expense of people.

This solidarity campaign allows people in New Zealand, a junior-imperialist country, to support one of the key international struggles against imperialism.

Since the National Campaign Launch there have been local launches in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. These launches have been followed up by street stalls, university campus meetings and film showings. These events have seen a demand for PFLP fundraising t-shirts designed and sold by the Workers Party. This has included international interest from Germany, Malaysia, Denmark and the United States which means we are required to order another production run of the t-shirts.

The PFLP has requested we transfer the funds raised from the campaign in as large amounts as possible to save on international wire transfer costs. Given the current rate of sales we hope to make the first transfer of funds to the PFLP before late December.

This is an ongoing campaign that will be re-launched nationally every year on the anniversary of the Nakba, where a new t-shirt design will be produced. We are currently looking for organisations in Australia that wish to join in the solidarity campaign and help bring a PFLP speaker to tour Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

Any body interested in being a part of this solidarity campaign or ordering a t-shirt can go to and follow the PFLP campaign link.


  1. Keep up the good work ‘down there’.
    Patrick Mac Manus
    Rebellion (Denmark)

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