Solidarity statement

In light of attacks on activists by Victoria University, the Workers Party has recieved this solidarity statement from Georgina Morrison, co-convenor of the Young Greens. Click here for more information.

“Engaging in peaceful protest is a fundamental human right” (Helen Clark) and I’m disgusted at the excessive harshness shown by Victoria University’s actions.

New Zealand has a proud history of leaders who have stood up for their beliefs. Historical protests to keep New Zealand nuclear-free, homosexual law reform and women’s suffrage are but a few of those which have advanced New Zealand’s progressive thinking.

However, the university’s ongoing actions to persecute the rights of their students to protest and express free speech is draconian and a bullying tactic from an institution that has forgotten they exist instead of merely to create profits.

Victoria University should be ashamed that it has resorted to intimidating and threatening measures to bully citizens from their right to free speech.

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