PFLP Solidarity Campaign – Outrage at ethnic cleansing

The Workers in New Zealand Campaign of Solidarity with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) expresses outrage at the ongoing ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Israeli state against the people of Palestine. The campaign provides an opportunity for New Zealanders to support the PFLP in resisting the racist state of Israel and its policy of house demolitions and settlement building in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The “Peace Process” which has seen the conditions for the Palestinian population in the occupied territories deteriorate dramatically, while ignoring the right of return of 5 million Palestinian refugees and the plight of Palestinians living within the racist state of Israel. The “Peace Process” has seen them forced into Bantustans, oppressed by the Palestinian Authority’s co-operation with the occupier, enclosed behind an annexation wall and the continuing lose of land via colonisation through settlement building and forced population transfer.

In New Zealand we are raising political awareness of the Palestinian struggle and raising funds for the PFLP through a t-shirt campaign. Since the National Campaign Launch there has been local launches in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. These launches have been followed up by street stalls, university campus meetings and film showings. These events have seen a demand for the t-shirts including international interest from Germany, Malaysia, Denmark and the United States.

All profits raised by the campaign go directly to the PFLP to help fund all aspects of their struggle against the Zionist state of Israel both politically and militarily. The PFLP sees the path to liberation and an end to the conflict, as a single secular state in all of Palestine, with the right of return for Palestinian refugees and where all people regardless of race or religion have equal rights.

Our campaign supports PFLP calls for:

1.    The demand for the immediate lifting of the PFLP from the so called “terrorist list “in the EU and North America. This is an important and historical task for all progressive movements, for their resistance and it is a battle that we must win against capitalism and imperialism.

2.    The demand for the immediate release of comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, General Secretary of the PFLP. Comrade Sa’adat is being has been held in Israeli prisons since March 14, 2006 and he was transferred to Al Majdal (Asqlan) prison where he is in solitary confinement.

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