Say no to 90-days of fire at will!

Picket outside ‘Positive Airflow Limited’ call centre on Wednesday 9th December, Home Street (behind Kent Terrace), Wellington at 12.30pm.

Positive Airflow are responsible for taking calls and advertising for HRV, the kiwi owned Heat Recovery Ventilation company, they are also responsible for sacking staff under the new 90 day ‘fire at will bill’.
A Unite member who had previously worked full time in the fast food industry contacted her union organiser and told the story of how she was fired, with no explanation and only 7 days notice. She had quit her previous full time job and now finds her self in the cue at the WINZ office as a direct result of the National backed anti worker bill.

It has since come to light that this isn’t a one off at this site with a number of people coming forward with similar stories – some have been sacked with no notice at all!

This kind of practice can not be tolerated. Unite will be holding a picket outside the premises and will make sure that the company’s neighbours and wider community know that this is NOT a good place to work. Come and help us make some noise!

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