70,000 celebrate 42 years of PFLP Resistance


On December the 11th 1967, in the wake of the Arab defeat in the 6 day war, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was founded with the catch cry “Resistance until Victory”. On the 42nd anniversary of its founding the PFLP released a statement calling for an official announcement from the Palestinian Leadership to declare the “utter failure of the ‘negotiations’ and the entire Oslo process, the reliance on the United States and the so-called roadmap”. Recent opinion polls would indicate that this position is supported by over 70 percent of the population in the West Bank and Gaza, who believe that OSLO has either harmed, or made no difference to the Palestinian cause. A clear condemnation, from Palestinians, of over a decade of negotiation with the occupier.

The PFLP sees that “the link between the interests of imperialism and the continued existence of Israel will make the war against the latter basically a war against imperialism”, exposing the obvious contradiction of an Imperialist lead Peace Process. Unlike the collaborationist Fatah, who have tired of the ‘Armed Struggle’, the PFLP continues to see Political and Military Unity as a crucial step to confronting both the Zionist enemy and Imperialism in the Middle East. Polls suggest that 50 percent of Palestinians support resistance operations against Israeli targets, with the bulk of that support coming from the Gaza Strip where recently a PFLP rally massed 70,000 members and supporters.

Citing the courageous efforts of Arabs resisting in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon the PFLP call for “a united resistance front” and a “National Dialogue Committee” to be based on the Prisoners’ Document (National Reconciliation Document), written in 2006 in an Israeli jail by representative members of Fatah, Hamas, DFLP, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. With Ahmad Sa’adat, general secretary of the PFLP, still illegally detained in an Israeli jail the PFLP also highlighted the need for the “immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners” in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Recognising the role that the Palestinian Authority plays in the occupation, its ‘security co-operation’ with the occupier, the PFLP calls for Palestinians to “fight against corruption” and to help “address the rampant unemployment, poverty and hunger faced by our people.” 42 years after the founding of the PFLP they remain a force in Palestinian politics. Consistently polling as the third largest Palestinian faction behind Fatah and Hamas with an unwavering commitment to their goal “the establishment of a democratic state on all of the national soil of Palestine where all enjoy equal rights without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sex or religion”. There is reason to be positive with polls indicating rising support, up to 30 percent, for the Single Secular State and 70,000 people gathered in Gaza to celebrate 42 years of resistance under the banner of “Unity, Steadfastness and Resistance – Towards Victory!”


  1. One thing has to happen before there is any hope of peace for Jews and Palestinians and that is Palestinians must first give up their stated goal of the destruction of Israel. Just for a minute put yourself in Israel’s place and ask this – how can I negotiate peace with someone who is utterly determined to destroy me? Israel completed their withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 and to achieve that they uprooted Jewish communities and relocated them; unfortunately the rocket attacks on Jewish civilians from Gaza continued at an even higher rate. Why was that do you think? The answer is simple, Palestinians have never been interested in peace, they are only interested in war with the goal of destroying Israel; therefore when Israel withdrew from the disputed Gaza strip that only emboldened the Palestinians. Gaza is only one of many examples of this dynamic since 1947. If Palestinian’s recognise Israel’s right to exist then Israel might be able to forget the hard lessons of history and start taking seriously their talk of peace. This is what happened with Egypt. After Israel repulsed several Egyptian military attacks the Egyptians came to their senses, recognised Israel’s right to exist and negotiated peace. Consequently Israel gave the Sinai Peninsular to Egypt in exchange for peace and that peace has lasted. Note that the Sinai Peninsular is a large piece of land and very important for Israeli military protection but Israel took the risk and gave it up. Now contrast that with the Palestinians who will not give up their stated goal of wiping Israel off the map and driving the Jews into the sea.

  2. The racism contained within in your post is what helps to perpetuate the ongoing oppression, murder, ethnic cleansing and dispossession on an entire people. It blinds you to the lack of logic in your argument.

    I know of no people on earth who speak with a single voice and the Palestinians are no exception. But some how you know how everyone last one of them thinks. If all Palestinians thought as you say, I think the world be a lot closer to getting rid of one of the last, most powerful, murderess and openly racist states in the world.

    Your inability to even consider why a significant number Palestinians, let alone every last man, woman and child, according to you, would want to see the destruction of the Israeli state and exposes the blindness your racism create.

    The PFLP calls for a secular democratic socialist state where all people are treated as equals regardless of ethnic background or religious believes.

    Just like the with the Apartitide State of South Africa, the sooner the State of Israel is cast into the dustbin of history the better.

    Paul Hopkinson

  3. John.

    Before your sanctimonious calls for Palestinian’s to renounce violence, Israel must allow the 5 million displaced Palestinians their land/houses back. This must be a bare minimum. While the Israeli state keeps their land/homes by force, Palestinians have every right to fight for their return.

    I assume you would spout the same line to black South Africans during Apartheid?

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