No Israeli Embassy in Wellington [NIEW] Mission Statement

Alastair Reith

On 26 March 26th 2010, Palestine activists from around Wellington met to plan a campaign of resistance to the re-opening of an Israeli embassy in our city. The decision was made to form a coalition involving all interested groups and individuals.

We are calling on all groups opposed to the Israeli occupation and specifically to the opening of an Israeli embassy in our capital to sign on and declare support for this mission statement, and to contribute in whatever ways they can to this campaign.

The coalition has united around the following mission statement:

Mission Statement of NIEW

NIEW deplores the New Zealand Government inviting the state of Israel to open an embassy in Wellington.

The embassy will function as a tool to deepen Israel’s propaganda, political, economic, cultural, sporting, intelligence and military ties with New Zealand.

New Zealand will be rightly viewed as endorsing a racist apartheid state responsible for ethnic cleansing, war crimes, human rights violations and ongoing grave breaches of international law, including the building of Jewish only settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

We oppose the opening as an expression of solidarity with a growing international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.

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