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May issue of The Spark


  1. Is it some sort of ironic twist to have a picture of Trotsky above the post about the launch of the Mana party?

    Trotsky apparently warned his comrades about the danger of confusing socialism with nationalism, something that happened in Poland.

    He came to his conclusion after spending some time in the Balkans covering the war. The irony is that Hone Harawira used the example of Serb and Croat taxi drivers who he claims told him how they object to intermarriage as part of his argument about why he would never let his children marry Pakeha (on talkback with Will Jackson).

    Beware an enemy of your enemy may not be your friend and just because your stars align over one item doesn’t mean a marriage should result. The Muslims and Christians are at each other again only months after standing together against Mubarak. The Greens and ACT have this feeling so you are not alone.

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