Zizek: What to make of the political Elvis (Wellington event)

“[Zizek uses] a dizzying array of wildly entertaining and often quite maddening rhetorical strategies are deployed in order to beguile, browbeat, dumbfound, dazzle, confuse, mislead, overwhelm, and generally subdue the reader into acceptance.” Edward R. O’Neill

Slavoj Zizek is one of the worlds most well-known and controversial philosophers.
As a Marxist theoretical thinker, he refuses to be easily labelled and categorised.
And yet Zizek is full of contradictions. He can be infuriatingly vague, suddenly putting his complex subject into a relatively simple and easily understandable phrase, often chucking in some pop cultural example to make his point and explain himself. Few people label themselves as Zizekians, due in part to the constant zig-zagging of his political framework. Yet he has a huge following, matched maybe, only by Noam Chomsky.
Come along for a discussion of Zizek’s ideas, the place of Zizek in radical social change and the myriad of discussions that stem from him.

5-7pm Monday
SU219, Student Union Building, Victoria University


  1. So, for the first time in your organisations history you have attracted an international speaker of note. An international speaker who had appeal-beyond your silly little pseudo-poilitical cult. And you advertise it 3 days before it happens. And the post itself does not contain a date, it contain a day name. I presume that the ‘monday’ in question is Monday the 2nd of April, which means that I have missed it.

    I would have gone, I know more than two dozen people who would have attended if ANY of them had found out about it BEFORE it had taken place.

    I do pay attention to your posters in town, so the fact that I managed to MISS the only living philosopher who I give a shit about when he is in my own town not only fucks me off- it is a perfect illustration in how your organisation is noting more than a circle-jerk of emotionally-stunted idealist who are not only completely cut off from the ‘working class’ that you claim to represent, you are completety cut off from the society in which you live.

    I freely admit- I am fucked off because I (am presuming) that I have missed Zizek. But I missed one of the most important living philosophers visit to wellington- not because I’, crazy, but because his lecture was facilitated by an isular little cult who has not interests in non-workers-party cultists attending any WP run event.

    Fuck you.

    – PMR (I got over it once I stopped being a teenager and believing that I know everything, you didn’t)

    • The event was about Zizek, not featuring Zizek. We’re not that fancy. Had advertised it a month in advance in other media, as part of our weekly event on campus (where you’d be welcome to attend, though hopefully without the hostility.)

      And considering our main point of discussion was that he’s useful for raising more questions than answers, we don’t pretend to know everything.

    • Woah. I’m really sorry that you thought Zizek was coming to Victoria University. I don’t know who you are, but you seem very angry…
      Come along to one of our events, lets have a beer and at least chill down this conflict aye? I don’t get where its coming from.

      • Alec Morgan says:

        heh if you do ever meet ‘PMR’ ask him to leave his two friends behind next time; ranting PMR and plain obnoxious PMR.

      • i’ve been internalizing a really complicated situation in my head, I don’t think that Zizek was there, but I’m angry that I couldn’t see him…


  2. Even in absentia Zizek makes absurd waves of questionable significance. And yet….ya just gotta love him….

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