Socialism 2012 (Wellington conference)

Socialism 2012: a weekend of radical ideas and discussion
June 1st-3rd (Queen’s Birthday Weekend)
Newtown Community Centre, Wellington

Schedule below:

5.30 registration

6 – 8pm: Class struggle today (Aotearoa/NZ)
Mike Kay – Port-workers’ struggle, meat industry lockouts and industrial conditions
Jared Phillips – Neo-liberalism and class composition
Sue Bradford – Unemployed and beneficiary fightback
1 hour discussion

Fundraising gig
Big Rick, Kittentank
$10 entry

9.30am registration

10 – 11am
Revolutionary organising in current conditions: combat propaganda group
Mike Kay
40 minute discussion

11am – 12pm: Safer spaces on the left
Kassie Hartendorp
40 minute discussion


1-2.30 pm: Eco-socialism in Australasia
Grant Brookes, Eco-Socialist Network Aotearoa
Ben Peterson, Socialist Alliance (Australia)
Ian Anderson, Workers Party
30 minute discussion

2.30- 3:30pm: Socialist electoral work
Anthony Main, Socialist Party of Australia
40 minute discussion

3:30-4:30pm: The fight against casualisation
Heleyni Pratley – organising casualised workplaces
20 minute discussion

4:30-6pm: Against the capitalist education system
Joel Cosgrove, Workers Party
Jai Bentley-Payne, Auckland student activist
Rowan MacArthur, International Socialist Organisation
30 minute discussion

7pm: Greek Feast
102 Austin St
$20 waged/$10 unwaged


9.30am registration

The world situation: imperialism
Paul Hopkinson – Imperialism and Palestine
Byron Clark – New Zealand’s imperialist role
30 minute discussion

The world situation: Europe and the global financial crisis
Mike Treen
40 minute discussion

12:30-1:30pm lunch

1:30-3pm: Tino rangatiratanga
Scott Hamilton – Pre-capitalist societies and Marxism
Annette Sykes – The politics of the Brown Table
30 minutes discussion

3-4pm: Queer liberation and socialism
James Froch
40 minute discussion

4-6pm: Left perspectives
Derwin Smith, International Socialist Organisation
Rebecca Broad, Workers Party
Ben Peterson, Socialist Alliance (Australia)
Anthony Main, Socialist Party of Australia
1 hour discussion

Close and thanks

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