July issue of the Spark online

Editorial, Byron Clark

The cover of every issue of The Spark contains the slogan ‘For workers power and international socialism’ this issue contains several articles that show how the class struggle is unfolding today. New Zealand has been condemned for the seaborne sweatshops that fish in New Zealand waters. It’s not much better for migrant workers on land either. Two Fijian woman have been exploited as domestic workers in Wellington, an International student was murdered on his first day at work, and it’s possible that the company who contracted him will not face any penalties. There is some good news too though, a victimised union delegate at Southern Paprika Ltd has been reinstated.

There is struggle within the workers movement too. We defend socialist involvement in the struggle to keep assets in public hands, against sectarian criticism levelled at the Workers Party recently. Ian Anderson looks at the issue of equal marriage which is connected to the discussion about recognising the importance of queer rights currently taking place within the Mana Party.

We also look at last month’s budget and publish a follow up to last issues ‘science under capitalism’ article, this time looking at the possibilities for science under a socialist system.

July Spark pdf

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