Wellington conference: Fightback 2013

In 2012, Fightback (then the Workers Party) held a conference in Wellington with over 120 attending. Over the weekend comrades discussed topics including tino rangatiratanga and socialism, safer spaces in political organising, industrial struggles, and the student movement.

This year’s conference will be held on Queens Birthday Weekend, 31st of May to 2nd June, at Newtown Community Centre in Wellington.

The conference will open with a Friday night panel on the international situation. Saturday’s schedule features discussions of youth fightback, industrial perspectives, gender liberation, and building an anti-capitalist movement in Australasia, among other topics. On Sunday June the 2nd there will be a writing workshop for Fightback members and others who want to contribute to our monthly magazine. Further details to come. For more information please contact 022 0351077

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