April issue of Fightback online

Welcome to the second issue of Fightback, newspaper of Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ). Fightback is a socialist organisation with branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Child poverty has continued to feature in headlines this year with at least one in five children living in poverty. Fightback participates in MANA, supporting this party in the struggle for reforms while maintaining the need to build a socialist party. Grant Brookes discusses MANA’s Feed The Kids bill, and calls for a collective approach which reinforces that children are part of a wider community and we need to ultimately end poverty in general.

Socialists support struggles for living wages while recognising that “fair wages” are ultimately unachievable under capitalism. Ian Anderson reviews previous struggles for a living wage and covers the current campaign backed by the Service and Food Workers Union.

Full employment is a key to ending poverty. Jared Phillips covers recent attacks on the unemployed and beneficiaries by the National government and the need for socialist solutions.

Fightback is an internationalist organisation, which recognises workers in Aotearoa/NZ must stand with the Pasifika working class. Byron Clark covers a leaked video of police brutality in Fiji, and the hypocrisy of our government condemning this brutality while approving the abuses carried out by its allies in the region.

Socialists must reassess some parts of our understanding of capitalism in the “age of the geek.” Daphne Lawless argues that information workers are part of the working class and discusses the implications of this for socialist transformation in the 21st Century.

Socialists argue that class solutions are required to combat climate change. Ian Anderson covers the impact of climate change on increasing drought risk, and conflicting approaches to water conservation.

Fightback comrades have a range of socialist perspectives on history. Mike Kyriazopoulos revives a piece of lost history, the 1939 condemnation of the Soviet invasion of Finland by Wellington seafarers, and suggests that this offers a glimpse of what socialist politics could look like in Aotearoa/NZ.

2013 April Fightback

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