Wellington event: Conference fundraising gig

fightback 2013 fundraising gig

What do you get when you cross the Big Rick ‘Space Jesus 2013’ tour and the Fightback 2013 conference? A Big Rick fundraiser gig for the Fightback 2013 conference! With Big Rick will be the boisterous Spinhorn Cassowary, the joyous Dick Whyte, the delirious Wasps and the pumpin DJ ISO to finish off the night by dancing it away.

11PM      DJ ISO
10:30PM Big Rick
10PM      Spinhorn Cassowary
9:30PM   Dick Whyte & the Bent Folk
9PM        Wasps (Times will be kept to)

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  1. Don Franks says:

    all ages gig?

  2. Sadly no. In the sense that -18ers can attend by themselves.
    But if people are underage they can come with their parents.

  3. There will also be a dinner on the Saturday night for conference attendants to catch up, which will be all-ages.

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