Queer Avengers press release: Solidarity action with Russia’s LGBTI movement

Russia queer pride

Originally printed by the Queer Avengers (Wellington).

Neither Washington nor Moscow, but International Queer Liberation!

QA are standing in solidarity with Russian LGBTI communities currently under attack from the fellow countrymen.

“We want to make the Russian Embassy aware that what is happening is not acceptable, that all queers worldwide should be free from fear of attack, imprisonment and death” says Avenger Sara Fraser. “We want to send a message of Solidarity, let them know we know what is happening.”

Fraser contacted the Russian LGBT Network informing them of the solidarity action “they emailed back saying “It’s highly appreciated by us – do it and be noisy!”.

Ian Anderson, fellow Queer Avenger says “It is part of a global struggle against repression. Their struggle is our struggle.” He goes on to say “We need to be aware that while the Putin regime is particularly harsh in this current clampdown, that Russian queer communities are standing up for themselves and we are standing in solidarity.”

“People worldwide are angry and sending a clear message to Putin. This has to end and end now. The reported death of the teen who was tortured and beaten by a group of thugs is one death too many. We mourn for his loss.” Says Fraser.

Queer Avengers are holding a solidarity protest outside the Russian Embassy in Wellington on Friday from 4.30 p.m.

[Facebook event]

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