September 2013 issue of Fightback online

Welcome to the September 2013 issue of Fightback. Fightback is a socialist organisation in Aotearoa/NZ, and this is our monthly magazine.

With the 2013 local body elections coming up, Fightback will be involved in electoral work alongside community struggles on the ground. Fightback does not believe socialism can be simply voted in, however electoral work combined with wider popularstruggles can play a role in socialist transformation. In an article originally printed on the Daily Blog, Mike Treen  of Unite Union and the MANA Movement discusses strategy for the 2014 general election (page 15-16).

Fightback supports the MANA Movement, which is standing candidates in the local body elections. Fightback writer Daphne Lawless interviews John Minto, who is standing for Mayor of  Auckland on a MANA Movement ticket; (page 17-19) and Ian Anderson interviews Grant Brookes, a Fightback  member who is standing on a Health First ticket endorsed by the MANA Movement (page 20-21).”

2013 September Fightback


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