WGTN conference – Capitalism: Not Our Future

capitalism not our future conference

A conference on struggle, solidarity and socialism.

Queens Birthday Weekend (30th May-1st June)
19 Tory St, Wellington
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Friday 30th of May
7:30-9pm – Elections and community struggle (featuring Hone Harawira)
2014 is a General Election year for Aotearoa/NZ. The last General Election saw the lowest turnout since women won the right to vote. This year, Fightback will be supporting the MANA Movement, whose stated mission is to bring rangatiratanga to the poor, the powerless and the dispossessed. Are elections relevant? Do they change anything? Why do we participate in electoral work?
A discussion featuring:
Annette Sykes (MANA Movement).
Sue Bolton, socialist councillor for Moreland (Australia).
Heleyni Pratley, Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ).

Saturday 31st of May
10-11am – What is Capitalism? What is Socialism?

11-12pm – Marxist economics: Crisis theory
Mike Treen, UNITE Union General Secretary

12-1pm – Lunch

1-2:30pm – Tino rangatiratanga
Annette Sykes, MANA Movement.
Grant Brookes, Fightback.

2:30-3pm – Break

3-4:30pm – Ecology and social justice

4:30-5pm – Break

5-6:30pm – International situation: Crisis, imperialism, fightback
The speakers on this discussion panel will speak about various events and trends in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the 2011 outbreak of global resistance.
What are the prospects and challenges for socialists internationally and in the region?
A discussion featuring:
Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance (Australia).
Gayaal Iddamalgoda, International Socialist Organisation (Aotearoa/NZ).
Jared Phillips, Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ).

6:30 – Dinner

Sunday 1st of June
10-11 – Accessibility and social transformation
Disability is often understood as a medical problem. Although medical impairments can be a factor, social organisation also works to disable and exclude people. Buildings with no wheelchair access are a well-known example; there are a range of ways social organisation cuts off access. A facilitated discussion on working to reorganise society to support a wide range of capabilities.

11-12 – Education and capitalism

12-1 – Lunch

1:-2:30pm – Key issues in the contemporary workers’ movement
A panel of speakers will discuss a range of workers’ issues. Heleyni Pratley, fresh from participating in a recent fast food workers conference in the US, will discuss the fight there and what lessons can be drawn. The situation of migrant workers and the union defence of public services in Aotearoa will also be discussed. The session will also be open to discussion on other key issues facing workers and the movement today.

A discussion featuring:
Heleyni Pratley (Fightback), report on U.S. fast food struggles.
Grant Brookes (Fightback), unions in defence of public services.
Wei Sun (Fightback) migration and open borders for workers.

2:30-3pm – Break

3-4:30pm – Gender and women’s liberation
Kassie Hartendorp (Fightback), socialist-feminism 101.
Daphne Lawless (Fightback), gender diversity and capitalism
Teresia Teaiwa (poet and lecturer), gender and decolonisation.

4:30-5pm – Break

5-6:30pm– Anti-capitalist organising in Australia & Aotearoa/NZ
Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance (Australia).
Gayaal Iddamalgoda, International Socialist Organisation (Aotearoa/NZ).
Joel Cosgrove, Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ).

6:30-7pm – Closing and thanks

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