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The New Zealand Herald – and the rest of the mainstream media – recently ended up with egg on their face in regard to the Donghung Liu affair.

The mainstream media are increasingly open about their preference for coverage of politics which turns it into a simple horse-race between two teams of celebrities. The modern media, pushed by commercial pressures into an arms-race to grab attention, has no time for real news and analysis.

This is why we publish Fightback. We need an analytical media, and a socialist media. We need a media which tries to explain news and issues, not only in a form that ordinary people can grasp, but in a form that ordinary people can use. If you understand how the buggers get away with it, then you can more effectively fight against them.

This issue is mainly devoted to a round-up of our very successful Capitalism: Not Our Future conference. In particular we concentrate on issues which are still woefully overlooked in a lot of socialist writing. Sionnain Byrnes and Bronwen Beechey provide excellent write-ups from the panel discussions on Gender and Ecosocialism at our conference. Also on the topic of women’s liberation is an article on women’s contribution to New Zealand’s 1890 maritime strike.

Another issue which should be of strategic interest for all socialists – but has not been – is the internet.

Mobile and digital technology offers unprecedented possibilities for freedom of speech, education and opportunities for employment for all working people. But these possibilities of freedom in the new technology are threatened by the governments and large corpora- tions. We deal in this issue with how copyright and “anti-piracy” laws only benefit the big corporations, at the expense of both consumers and creatives.

Of course, this is an issue dear to the heart of the Internet Party. On this subject, it is also very important for socialists to not only be able to admit mistakes, but to analyse them and seek to improve them. In our April issue, we declared ourselves against the MANA movement’s electoral alliance with the Internet Party. At the conference, we decided that we had made that decision for the wrong reasons, and reversed it. A statement by Fightback explains why, and other articles explain – once again – how MANA is the party where socialists should be struggling right now.

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2014 Issue #5 Fightback

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