WGTN: March for free education

reclaim hub

We are students, university staff, and members of the community. Whichever parties form a government after September 20th, we are demanding an end to corporatisation of education.

We demand:
* Fully funded public education
* A Universal Student Allowance, cancellation of all existing student debt
* Bridging courses and support for people entering tertiary education
* Living Wage for all staff
* Student and staff representation in planning education policy
* A move away from funding primarily targeted towards marketable research, towards funding all socially valuable forms of education and research

Meeting at the VUW Campus Hub for a student and staff forum, before marching onwards (to parliament? National Party offices? Ministry of Education? Participants will determine our final destination).

Event called by Reclaim Vic, endorsed by Tertiary Education Union.

Campus Hub | 1pm | Friday 26th September
[Facebook event]

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