CHCH and AKL Left Forums initiated (watch this space for WGTN!)

Greece Elections

Greece and Syriza: Lessons for Aotearoa (Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland)

The first Auckland Left Forum for 2015. Greece has shown that a party radically rejecting neoliberalism can get elected – but now comes the hard party. How can the Left in Aotearoa learn from this success:

Speakers include:
SUE BRADFORD (Auckland Action Against Poverty)
JOE CAROLAN (Socialist Aotearoa, Unite Union)

Entry by koha

Wednesday 25th February, 6:30pm
Grey Lynn Community Centre, Auckland
[Facebook event]

end zero hours

End Zero Hour Contracts (Otautahi/Christchurch)

Zero hour contracts, where people have no guarantees around their hours of work are common for many people. Having no guaranteed hours leave many working people under employed, subject to unpredictable work patterns, leaves people vulnerable to loosing hours for taking sick leave or raising concerns with their employer.

This forum will also discuss the idea of establishing a progressive network and regular forum to discuss local progressive ideas and campaigns.

All welcome!

Monday, 2nd March, 7pm
WEA Building, 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch
[Facebook event]

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