Crowdfunding: Fightback Magazine – Voices from Women and Gender Minorities

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Fightback is a socialist-feminist organisation which publishes a website and themed bi-monthly magazines.

We have noticed that, despite the centrality of women, girls and gender minorities to the social movements of today, they are still a smaller minority of writers in the socialist press. We acknowledge that there are many reasons for this, some of them including the fact that these groups are weighed down by more unpaid work, that their work may not be as valued and that there’s a higher chance they will come up against barriers for their involvement in political spaces.

Therefore, we wish to make the August issue of our magazine entirely written and edited by women and gender minorities to provide a platform for voices that don’t often get heard. Moreover, in order to support this writing in a tangible way, all contributors to this issue will be paid at a going rate of at least $NZ100 for a full-page of content which could be an article (650 words per page), art work or the cover design. Contributing to socialism, activism or social change takes time and resources, and we hope that this payment will help encourage voices we don’t usually hear, and give back to those who already offer their time for little credit or financial return.

However, we cannot afford to do this by our own resources. While Fightback will cover the printing costs, we are asking for those who can spare some money, and are interested in seeing more women and gender minorities producing content around socialism, anti-capitalism and decolonisation, to donate to this issue.

We need $2600 to achieve the minimum necessary to pay all contributors. If this initiative sounds worth supporting to you, please donate!

Click here to support the crowdfunding campaign

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