Fightback Winter Conference 2015

winter conference poster 2015

Fightback is a socialist-feminist, ecosocialist organisation ( that holds an annual public conference. This year we’re holding the public sessions at St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington, on the 3rd-4th of July [Facebook event]

If you’re interested in possibilities for transforming our exploitative, oppressive society on the basis of social and ecological justice, feel free to come along and discuss!

Free entry (koha appreciated).

Food and drinks provided.

Children welcome. Wheelchair-accessible. Please let us know if you need any assistance to make this event accessible.

This event will have Safer Spaces Contacts available in case you need to raise any concerns related to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of oppression and inaccessibility. These contacts will be marked out on the day. Our Accessibility & Safer Spaces Policy is available here.

Special thanks to the Tertiary Education Union for a donation to assist with catering for this event.

See below for schedule:

FRIDAY 3rd July (St Andrews on the Terrace)

8pm – Taking stock: Where to for the Left?
In the wake of another crushing electoral defeat for the left, in a period with record-low strikes and record-low voter turnout, how do we begin again? Where next for the Left? A discussion facilitated by Fightback.

Daphne Lawless is an indexer, translator, editor, electronic musician and goalkeeper based in Auckland. She is a ten-year veteran of the radical left and co-editor of Fightback’s regular magazine.

Giovanni Tiso is a writer, blogger and translator based in Wellington. His main area of activism is around disability and school inclusion.
[Facebook event]

SATURDAY 4th July (St Andrews on the Terrace)

10am: Registration

10:30am: Consent education in our communities
Public pressure in the wake of the Roastbusters case resulted in some small concessions – reallocation of funding to sexual violence support services, advice that schools should include consent education. This is far from enough. Sexual violence prevention and support initiatives continue to be dangerously underfunded, and consent education in schools is not compulsory or consistent. How can we address gendered violence and implement a consent-based approach in our communities? What are the barriers to transformation?

Sandra Dickson is a Pakeha feminist who has worked to end gendered violence for more than two decades. She will talk about what research tells us works to prevent sexual violence, and why working in schools could be the best chance we have to change rape culture in New Zealand – if we get it right.
[Facebook event]

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Transforming tertiary education
A look at tertiary education, capitalism and resistance. What is the purpose of education? What needs to change? How can we get there?

Sandra Grey, Tertiary Education Union President
Ian Anderson, VUW student and communist
[Facebook event]

2:30pm: Housing and homelessness forum
With the housing bubble set to burst (when rather than if), the National government selling state housing, and homelessness on the rise, housing and homelessness are key concerns for anyone concerned with social and economic justice. A discussion facilitated by Fightback.

Joel Cosgrove (Fightback) will speak on the political economy of the housing crisis.

Steve Flude from The Soup Kitchen will provide an outline of the Te Mahana, Wellingtons collaborative approach to homelessness and the prevention of homelessness.
[Facebook event]

4pm: Break

4:30pm: Reflections on the Zero Hours campaign
In a period when the capitalist class is winning the war, battle victories for our side are precious. Unite’s success in beating back Zero Hour Contracts at major fast food chains is a rare exception to a 30-year rule of expanding casualisation.

Heleyni Pratley, Unite organiser for Wellington, leads a discussion on this campaign.
[Facebook event]

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