Poem: Cassandra warns of climate change

Poem solicited for publication in Fightback’s upcoming Climate Crisis magazine issue.

Tam Vosper lives in Christchurch and is currently working on his Master of Arts (in English) at the University of Canterbury. He also, among sundry other distractions, reads and writes poems.

For my discomforting prophecies
I was harried past all asylum
to the very limits of discomfiture
by those whom I had told out of love
to do otherwise than trace headlong paths
past the rubicon of my wretched vision.

They saw to it I was silenced
and all memory of me effaced
beyond recognition.

Now, when children point at me,
questioningly, in the street,
they are bustled off by their guardians
at double pace
who readily assure them
that I am a nobody,
that I am, in fact, illusory –
a nameless, voiceless,
trick of the light:

as with the spectacular
pink and gold plasma
of a sunset seen through smog.

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