Syria: “The Red Death” #AleppoIsBurning

Aleppo is Burning New Zealand

Syrian Solidarity New Zealand is calling Aucklanders to join them in the global community protest,#AleppoIsBurning, against the horrific bombardment of civilians in Aleppo, Syria.

The Syrian government in cahoots with Russia, has been relentlessly bombing civilians in towns and villages in Syria since 2011.  The recent onslaught on Aleppo has been unprecedented and in contravention of an agreed ceasefire across Syria.

As well as civilians – hospitals, doctors and emergency rescue personnel have been targeted.

More than 300 people including children have been killed in Aleppo in the past two weeks.

Ali Akil, spokesperson for Syrian Solidarity said “We are really distressed by what is happening in Aleppo, many New Zealanders of Syrian descent have family and friends there, including myself and we worry for their safety.”

In addition to the terrorizing of Aleppo, we have also learnt that yesterday either the Russian or Syrian Government has bombed the Kamuna refugee camp near the border with Turkey, killing at least 28 people. How can this be allowed to happen?

“We’re calling on Aucklanders to join the Auckland chapter of the global protest, adorning themselves in red and joining us in the Aotea Square on Saturday.  Let’s help to send a strong message to global powers that Syrian lives matter and that the international rule of law must be upheld”, says Ali Akil.

We ask the Minister Murray McCully to continue using New Zealand’s position on the UN Security Council to hold Russia to account for the bombings of civilians in Syria and the breaching of the ceasefire.

It is beyond outrageous that Russia could be a member of the Security Council while simultaneously participating and supporting the bombing of refugees and civilians in Aleppo.

Stopping the killing of civilians by the Russian and the Syrian government is key to establishing a meaningful political process in Syria and resolving the refugee crisis.

Syrian Solidarity wishes that the conflict in Syria comes to an end soon and that the Syrian people finally achieve the freedom, dignity and self-determination they deserve.  We thank everyone for their understanding and support.

Syrian Solidarity New Zealand is a New Zealand based non-governmental organisation. We provide up to date analysis and commentary on the Syrian Situation as well as advocacy and support for humanitarian initiatives. Find us at:

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