PLEDGE CAMPAIGN: Halfway to our basic goal… but much more to do!

fboznzComrades and friends:

This is a great start! Less than 1 week into our campaign, we’ve reached a total of $610 in pledges – halfway to our basic goal of making sure that Fightback can continue, as a website and an e-publication.

However, we’re not there yet. And we’re even further away from the $3,000 we would need to continue as a print publication. Some might say that print is old hat, unnecessary in the 21st century. But many people still prefer to read things on paper. And it’s quite difficult to hand an e-publication to someone you meet on a picket line or a demonstration.

Fightback still thinks that print has a role to play. But it’s all down to funding.

The other issue is that we’ve got some big pledges from a few comrades. And believe me, we’re stupidly thankful for that! But what we’d really like to see is lots of little pledges, from workers, students, beneficiaries or carers who can’t afford much but still like what Fightback is doing and want to see us keep doing it.

For that reason, we’ve added a new reward – for a $5 minimum contribution, you get a complimentary copy of our first issue for 2018. (Projected theme is: “Fascism and anti-fascism.”)

So, if anything that Fightback has been doing over the last 6 or so years has appealed to you, excited you, challenged you, or in any other way you’d be sad to see us go… please contribute. Five measly NZ capitalist dollars would be much appreciated, if you can spare it. If you’ve already pledged, please forward our appeal around your circles, to anyone else you think might be interested! And if you can’t spare any money, but still want to help… please let us know.

In solidarity,

Daphne Lawless

Fightback NZ-based coordinating editor

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