PLEDGE CAMPAIGN: With two weeks to go, almost there… but not quite!


Well done, everyone! With 14 days left in our campaign we are almost exactly 90% of the way there. Only $125 left to pledge (less than $10 a day!) to make sure Fightback puts out another four issues of analysis which challenges and provokes the activist Left, in Australia and in Aotearoa. We’re beginning to put together the research and writing for our “Fascism and anti-fascism” issue as we speak – and, for a little taste, we’d like to introduce you to a very good article which recently came out of the United States on the issue of fascist ideas spreading among the Left.

It’s noteworthy that in the last week we got (amongst others) one donation for $5, and one for $200. Of course, we’re desperately grateful, and a bit humbled, by the later. But as I said last week, the former is just as important. We assume that everyone who pledges is doing what they can. As socialists, we certainly don’t think the comrade pledging $200 likes us 40 times as much as the comrade pledging $5. In fact, the more $5 donations we get, the more it will show us that our base is wide. We want to know that our ideas and analysis are useful to and get buy-in from people on the edge, working people, students and beneficiaries whose need for ideas to fight with is no less than that of the academics or the “professional activism”.

Simply put – if you like what Fightback is doing, and you possibly can, give us a donation, no matter how small. It’s another “vote” that we’re doing something right.

Will we reach our basic goal within the next seven days? Tune in next week to find out!

in solidarity

Daphne Lawless

Fightback coordinating editor (Aotearoa-based)


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