PLEDGE CAMPAIGN FINAL UPDATE: Six days! 90 dollars! Can we do it???


Dear comrades and friends:

We are coming down to the wire. Nothing more than NINETY (90) dollars remain between Fightback continuing to exist as a source for trans-Tasman radical and activist ideas and analysis… and ceasing to exist altogether.

Please don’t think that the existing Fightback crew will be able to make up the balance ourselves. Honestly – we’ve already committed our meager resources. And expecting activism and political analysis to self-fund is … well, frankly, one of the reasons why so much activism and political analysis is poor quality these days. We can’t afford to be “cheapskates” when the future of our movement, or possibly the planet itself, is on the line.

There are only two ways we can get over the line from here:

  1. Any or all our existing donors could just go the extra mile, increase their existing pledge. We could probably whip up some last minute digital award for anyone who did so… and if you all did so by only $5, that would do it!
  2. We need some of you comrades out there who haven’t pledged yet to DO IT. NOW. Maybe you were waiting for payday? Maybe you were hoping we could reach the target without you? It doesn’t matter. You have six days to do so or there is no more Fightback. Even just $5 will get us more than 5% of the way there.

Hopefully, next time you hear from me is the celebratory post when we reach target. The alternative is… well, too horrid to think about right now. It would suck, immeasurably so, to get so close and fail.

Yours in solidarity and in hope,

Daphne Lawless

Fightback coordinating editor (Aotearoa)



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