VICTORY! Fightback will become a trans-Tasman media project after over-achieving our fundraising target

fboznzDearest comrades and friends:

Wow, what a roller-coaster it’s been. But we are happy to announce that the Fightback PledgeMe campaign successfully raised $1340 in pledges – more than enough to go ahead with our mission to become a trans-Tasman website and magazine of the radical activist Left. 23 comrades contributed, with pledges ranging from a welcome $5 to a staggering $200.

The financial question is a political one, and the fundraiser was not simply about whether we could play our website and printing bills, or fund contributors to our projected Accessibility issue. The question was: is there enough support out there for Fightback to keep doing what we have been doing? We are very, very pleased that the answer was Yes.

There will, of course, be some changes in how we work. Given the relatively small numbers of people prepared to pay money for a printed magazine, Fightback will now shift mainly to an online and EPUB/PDF format, with printed issues available for libraries, institutions, and people who just like things on paper and are prepared to pay. We will be contacting all our existing subscribers to gauge their preferences.

Fightback supporters in Aotearoa and in Australia – and around the world – will now start getting organised for our first issue of 2018, on Fascism and Anti-Fascism. We hope to have a call for submissions and a deadline out by the end of this week.

Lastly, for those who wanted to contribute but came in late – Fightback is looking into activating a Patreon so you can support us regularly.

Once again, thank you all so much. The struggle continues.

In solidarity,

Daphne Lawless

Fightback co-ordinating editor (Aotearoa-based)


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