FIGHTBACK open online educational conference, 23rd January 2021

An online-only educational event organised by Fightback (Aotearoa/Australia)

Schedule (NZDT):

11am-12pm: International

Rocio Lopez (US), on Bernie Sanders and electoral populism

12-1pm: Break

1-2pm: Matike Mai/indigenous-led constitutional transformation

Erin Matariki Carr (lawyer of Ngāi Tūhoe and Ngāti Awa descent)

2-3pm: Far right in Aotearoa/NZ

Byron Clark (video essayist)

3-30pm: Break

3.30-4.30pm: Union & Workplace Struggles

Tilde Joy, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (Australia)
Chloe-Ann King, Raise The Bar (Aotearoa/NZ)

4.30-5.30pm: Building new organisations
Sue Bradford (veteran of the Aotearoa/NZ socialist and green Left)

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