Buttondown here we come! Fightback to end print magazine, move to new digital platform

At our recent internal conference, Fightback made the decision to cease producing our print magazine, and move to a new digital platform.

Fightback magazine would have been 10 years old this year. Its predecessor magazine The Spark existed since 1990. The renamed Fightback magazine launched in 2013, to bring it in line with the organisation’s recent political realignment.

Ending the print magazine is not a decision we have taken lightly. The organisation has debated discontinuing its print magazine several times in recent years. As other socialist organisations have found, the previously-used street sales model of print publication has become historically redundant, and while a few notable print magazines are able to thrive in this ‘digital age’, ours was simply not one of them.

Conversely, while our magazine subscriptions have recently been in double figures, our website attracts tens of thousands of readers every year. Recent controversial articles by Daphne Lawless, on the dangers of the attractions of campism and Right-wing populism for sections of the Left, have attracted the most views, both locally and internationally. We considered it appropriate to go where our audience is, rather than clinging to an outdated media form out of nostalgia.

We are moving our content to a platform called Buttondown. Buttondown is subscription-based, as our magazine has been in recent years, but more focused on digital media. Subscribers to the Buttondown will get early access to the articles, along with other occasional benefits such as printed pamphlets through the mail (more on this later).

Our WordPress blog will stay up, with web hits redirected to our Buttondown. Unlike WordPress, Buttondown has the advantage of directly integrating subscriptions with content in one place. Also unlike WordPress, Buttondown directly hosts other forms of media such as podcasts, giving us potential opportunities for multimedia production.

We thank everyone who has continued to subscribe to the magazine. All recent renewals of subscriptions have been refunded. As thanks, former subscribers to the magazine will get a 50% discount if they subscribe to the Buttondown.

For lovers of print media, the good news is that we will continue to publish occasional pamphlets on dedicated topics, including an upcoming one on Campism & Internationalism. Pamphlets will go out to all Buttondown subscribers. We will also continue to hire our fantastic designer Rafaela Gaspar to produce graphics to go with articles.

Subscription funds will go towards paying guest writers, paying our designer, and other ad hoc political & media projects. We also set aside 10% of our income every year for solidarity donations to other organisations, such as recent donations to Auckland Peace Action for Ukraine solidarity action, andto Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi for Cyclone Gabrielle relief.

This is not the end of Fightback’s publications, but rather a shift to a platform more suited to the modern communication era. We hope you join us.

Our Buttondown is available at buttondown.email/Fightback

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