Accessibility & Safer Spaces Policy (Events)

Note: This is not intended as a comprehensive Safer Spaces Policy for Fightback as an organisation, but rather as a guideline for public events.

Fightback seeks to be an intersectional, socialist-feminist organisation.

While we recognise that liberation is a long-term collective project, and we cannot perfectly model a post-oppressive society in our spaces, we are also aiming to actively combat oppression in daily practice. This means working to amplify otherwise marginalised voices, and to provide inclusive spaces. It also means being willing to take criticism and revise our practice where necessary.

These are some steps we will take to ensure accessible, anti-oppressive spaces:

  • Events will be held at wheelchair-accessible venues. Fightback will provide information on the physical accessibility of venues to the best of our abilities.

  • Children are welcome at events. We will endeavour to provide support for parents / caregivers wishing to participate, in a form appropriate to their needs.

  • Facilitators will maintain a progressive speaking order; prioritising those who haven’t yet had a chance to speak.

  • We will provide warnings for content that may trigger traumatic reactions, particularly content dealing with abuse. We cannot always predict what content will be triggering, or what may come up in discussion. However by taking some basic precautions, we can ensure that comrades with traumatic memories can determine their level of participation.

  • Participants are welcome to have a ‘time out’ where needed, to cover their eyes or ears for triggering content, or to raise any concerns with the organisers. Chill-out spaces with hot beverages and snacks will be available at events.

  • Safer Spaces Contacts will be available at events. Participants may raise any concerns related to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of oppression and inaccessibility.

  • Participants are welcome to disclose any experiences or concerns, but will not be compelled to do so against their will. Where desired, confidentiality will be maintained. We will take concerns seriously, and where appropriate will act on them.

  • We acknowledge that everyone arrives at political spaces with different levels and areas of knowledge and experience. We will seek to provide a learning space that takes these differences into account and promotes active engagement.

  • Those who have perpetrated abuse may be asked to leave.

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