The following are multimedia clips available in multiple formats from the Internet Archive and YouTube. Our YouTube account is here.

The Unnamed Show Interview with Lina Ericcson (part 1) In this episode of the VBC radio Wellington show “The Unnamed Show” Byron Clark interviews Swedish political scientist Lina Ericsson about her research conducted with migrant workers in rural New Zealand under the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme for her thesis ‘The Ni-Vanuatu RSE-Worker: Earning, Spending, Saving, and Sending’
(Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School,)
Lina’s field work uncovered a number of domestic and international labour law violations which are discussed in this interview, interviews with migrant workers provide an insight into their lives working on New Zealand’s orchards.

The Joel Cosgrove Variety Hour Interview with Phil Fergeson on Marxist economics, the current economic crisis, Karl Korshe and Historical Specificity.

The Joel Cosgrove Variety Hour Interview with Matt McCarten
The Joel Cosgrove Variety Hour interviews Matt McCarten, ex-New Labour Party President.
Topics discussed include the split within the Labour Party, the Unite $15 minimum wage campaign as well as more general discussion about Union and its direction.

The Joel Cosgrove Variety Hour Interview with Mike Walker
Joel and Alastair interview Mike Walker from the Workers Party about the solidarity campaign “Resistance is not Terrorism” that the WP is running in support of the PFLP’s struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Radio Address
For the 2008 election.

Music by Wellington Central
candidate Don Franks.

TV Address for the 2008 Election.

All Things Bright and Beautiful video.

Don Franks on GST, job losses and workplace occupation

Lockout: The struggle between drivers and Go Wellington.

Workers Party members burn the New Zealand flag:
ANZAC Day: Lest We Forget

John Edmundson
What future for Palestine?

Phil Ferguson
Iraq five years on

Nick Scullin
The present war in Afghanistan

Mike Treen
Cuba – resisting imperialism

Dennis Maga
The mass movement in the Philippines

Babu Maharjan
Bullets and Ballots – Revolution in Nepal

John Edmundson
Background to the Electoral Finance Act

Tim Bowron
Left Opposition to the Electoral Finance Act

Phil Ferguson
Working Class, Oppressed Minorities and Marxism

Tom Buckley
Consolidating the SuperSizeMyPay campaign

Mark Muller
Lessons of the Progressive Lockout

Bryce Edwards
Labour and National: The Closeness of Policy

Tim Bowron
Understanding Economics

Willa Bermingham
Socialism and the Environment

Daphna Whitmore
Mobilising Working Women

Mike Treen
Venezuela and the Question of Revolutionary Transition

Jared Phillips
Elections and Revolutionary Parties

Jasmine Freemantle
Women in New Zealand: The Stats

Nick Kelly
The Greens and the Maori Parties: Are they progressive?

Coral Wynter (DSP Australia)
Situation in Venezuela

Phil Ferguson and Anthony Main
Discussion on Revolutionary Internationalism

Anthony Main (Socialist Party Australia)
Approaches to building a Socialist movement in Australia

Coral Wynter (DSP Australia)
Approaches to building a Socialist movement in Australia

Mike Kay
Taking Liberties: The Strong State in the UK

Paul Hopkinson
NZ out of South Pacific and Afghanistan now!

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