McStrike Thursday June 26th – National day of action against McDonalds

Show support! Invite your friends!
On Friday the 28th of June, Unite National Secretary Mike Treen is going into mediation with McDonalds, over the company refusing to pay workers for breaks they are forced to work through.

85% of unionised McDonalds workers nationwide have voted to refuse the company’s measly offer of 25 cents over the next two years, and to take action for improved wages and conditions. This week we need to ramp up the community support, because their struggle is our struggle.

We’re demanding that McDonalds give workers a break, after all they make the company its millions.

[national day of action]

[Wellington action: Lambton Quay 12:30pm]

Christchurch event: What is Socialism? The Mechanics of Capitalism

what is socialism mechanics of capitalism christchurchSecond in a series of “What Is Socialism?” meetings, Byron Clark, co-editor of the Fightback magazine and local Fightback activist, leads a discussion on the “Mechanics of Capitalism” and explores some introductory Marxist ideas. All are welcome if you have an interest at all in this area. Kai will be shared, a gold coin donation would be appreciated to help Room Four stay open =]

Saturday, June 8, 2013: 6:00pm until 8:00pm
Room Four, 36 St Assaph St, Christchurch

Wellington event: Conference fundraising gig

fightback 2013 fundraising gig

What do you get when you cross the Big Rick ‘Space Jesus 2013’ tour and the Fightback 2013 conference? A Big Rick fundraiser gig for the Fightback 2013 conference! With Big Rick will be the boisterous Spinhorn Cassowary, the joyous Dick Whyte, the delirious Wasps and the pumpin DJ ISO to finish off the night by dancing it away.

11PM      DJ ISO
10:30PM Big Rick
10PM      Spinhorn Cassowary
9:30PM   Dick Whyte & the Bent Folk
9PM        Wasps (Times will be kept to)

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Wellington conference: Fightback 2013

fightback 2013 poster red

A weekend of discussion and planning for struggle, solidarity and socialism.
Queens Birthday Weekend, (May 31st-June 2nd)
Newtown Community & Cultural Centre, Wellington


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[fundraising gig]

Fightback 2013 conference schedule

A weekend of discussion and planning for struggle, solidarity and socialism. Queens Birthday Weekend (May 31st-June 2nd). FREE ENTRY.

Friday May 31st: Newtown Community & Cultural Centre

6:30-8pm – Global situation: Crisis, Imperialism, Fightback

  • Joel Cosgrove, Fightback
  • Liam Flenady, Socialist Alliance (Australia)
  • Mel Gregson, Socialist Party of Australia

Saturday June 1st: Newtown Community & Cultural Centre

10-10:50am – Eco-Socialism or Barbarism
Daphne Lawless

11-11:50am – Workers, Unions and class struggle today
Grant Brookes, Heleyni Pratley

12-2pm: Lunch break

2-3pm – What is Marxism?
Ian Anderson

3:10-4pm – Tino rangatiratanga and socialism
Jared Phillips

4:10-5pm – Marxism, Feminism and Gender Liberation
Marika Pratley

5:10-6:30pm – Building an anti-capitalist movement in Australasia

  • Rebecca Broad, Fightback
  • Liam Flenady, Socialist Alliance (Australia)
  • Mel Gregson, Socialist Party of Australia
  • Shomi Yun, International Socialist Organisation (Aotearoa)

Sunday June 2nd
Writing workshop for Fightback members, and those who want to write for Fightback. Text 022 3841917 for details.

Wellington event: Power to the People? A socialist analysis of asset sales and “public assets”

FB Asset Sales talk

How would you like to see power companies run? Why do the people have no say? What’s the alternative?

A socialist analysis of asset sales led by Ian Anderson, Fightback member.

6pm, Tuesday 30th of April
19 Tory St, Wellington
Facebook event here

Margaret Thatcher dies

street party

Byron Clark

On April the 8th former British Prime Minister Maragret Thatcher died at the age of 87. Described by media as a “controversial figure” Thatcher was possibly Britain’s most loathed politician. Her death was celebrated with street parties and Glasgow and Brixton, and following a social media campaign Brits purchased the song “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” in an effort for it to be the number one hit on the charts the week of her death.

While she left office in 1990, few have forgotten her decade in power. The Thatcher led government enacted a series of neoliberal economic reforms, the likes to which soon became vogue around the world as the end of the long economic boom following World War II meant that capitalism was no longer productive enough to provide a welfare state. The tax burden was shifted from the rich to the poor, state assets were privatised- including social housing, and the labour movement was crushed.

Before Thatcher and the conservatives came to power in 1979, 13.4% of the British population lived below the poverty line. By 1990, it had gone up to 22.2%. Unemployment hit levels not seen since the Great Depression, inequality rose and health outcomes became worse after cuts to the Nation Health Service and the deregulation of school meals. Famously she also ended a scheme that gave free milk to children, earning her the moniker “the milk snatcher” [Read more…]

Wellington conference: Fightback 2013

In 2012, Fightback (then the Workers Party) held a conference in Wellington with over 120 attending. Over the weekend comrades discussed topics including tino rangatiratanga and socialism, safer spaces in political organising, industrial struggles, and the student movement.

This year’s conference will be held on Queens Birthday Weekend, 31st of May to 2nd June, at Newtown Community Centre in Wellington.

The conference will open with a Friday night panel on the international situation. Saturday’s schedule features discussions of youth fightback, industrial perspectives, gender liberation, and building an anti-capitalist movement in Australasia, among other topics. On Sunday June the 2nd there will be a writing workshop for Fightback members and others who want to contribute to our monthly magazine. Further details to come. For more information please contact 022 0351077

Wellington event: What is Capitalism

What is Capitalism poster 2

In Wellington over 2013, Fightback are holding a series of monthly discussions. We’re kicking off with “What is Capitalism,” presented by Joel Cosgrove.

6pm, Wednesday 13th March, 19 Tory St
Facebook event here

Wellington rally in solidarity with Gaza

12pm, Saturday 24th November
Cuba Mall bucket fountain

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