Video: MANA’s Te Hāmua Nikora at the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti candidates debate

Sunday 9 June, “Hei Waha” Debate, Taita Community Hall, Lower Hutt.

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Casino workers hit New Year with festivity and militancy

Jared Phillips

SkyCity Casino workers in Auckland took strike action after the clock turned twelve on New Year’s eve, with more than 150 employees filing from the building and filling up its Victoria street side, and with the same number, combined, walking out from later shifts.

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Don’t get caught in a bad hotel

Official Launch of Unite Campaign for a Living Wage

Download the petition here.

Unite: $15 Minimum Wage Now

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US Election: the struggle continues

Racism is a product of class oppression; the two are fundamentally connected. The Workers Party acknowledges the history of African American struggle which has resulted in the election of Barack Obama.

The vast majority of African Americans remain wage earners. Obama is considering Lawrence Summers as  head of Treasury. Former head of the World Bank, Summers supported dumping toxic waste on Africa.

The struggle continues.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Don’t Talk to Cops

US lawyer on why it’s our right to remain silent, and why we should exercise it.

And a cop backing him up:

Video from the Wellington bus lockout