On the party question

Goodbye Lenin?

This article was first written for internal circulation. We publish it now in light of public discussions among Socialist Worker comrades, partly regarding the party question (Goodbye Lenin? and Towards Ecosocialism.)

On February the 4th 2011, in the lead-up to our partys’ first internal conference of the year, a cross-section of leading comrades posted a statement resigning from the Workers Party. This statement argued that communist ‘party-building’ is impossible in the present conditions. As this statement raises important questions of political line that confront many communist and radical groups, it is necessary to engage with it; ultimately, to justify the very existence of communist organisations.

As the statement asserts that our comrades’ resignations are driven by “bigger and deeper” problems, we will not go into the sordid details of the lead-up to this development. Rather, we will engage directly with the content of their statement, available here.

In short, our comrades assert that given the lack of a mass workers’ movement in New Zealand today, communist party-building is futile. In particular, this affects recruitment:
“Those conditions meant that recruiting workers and progressives into the organisation has been very difficult.”

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Communist Party of the Philippines’ 40th anniversary

The Workers Party of New Zealand sends warm greetings to the Communist Party of the Philippines, on its 40th anniversary.

The CPP has led the struggle against feudalism, capitalism and imperialism in the Philippines for four decades. Having withstood the Marcos dictatorship through to the current brutal regime of Arroyo, the CPP has been sustained through its deep roots among the masses. When many other communist parties around the world collapsed in the 1990s, the CPP carried on the struggle, constantly reassessing itself and further developing its strengths.

 The CPP’s commitment to internationalism has given confidence to many organisations and individuals in the struggle for world revolution.

 We hope that 2009 will bring much success to the comrades in the Philippines.

 In solidarity
Workers Party of New Zealand

WP argues the case for revolutionary regroupment

The decision by the ostensibly revolutionary marxist group Socialist Worker to dissolve itself into the avowedly non-socialist Residents Action Movement – which is now being launched as a nationwide political party – has provoked opposition among some of Socialist Worker’s leading union activists, who have recently resigned their membership of SW and are now in the process of establishing a new group Socialist Aotearoa.

We in the Workers Party believe that this break with Socialist Worker’s popular front tactics by the Socialist Aotearoa comrades is a positive development that we hope will strengthen the prospects for building a united party of revolutionary socialists in New Zealand, something which the Workers Party has consistently argued is a much more viable strategy than building fake coalitions with phantom reformists.

To this end we have written an Open Letter to the Socialist Aotearoa comrades which we are also making available here in the interests of promoting genuine and constructive debate on the vital issue of revolutionary regroupment.