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  • Christchurch support workers strike against 75-hour weeks

    Tim Bowron Between January 11 and 13, around 140 support workers and nurses at Brackenridge Estate near Christchurch took part in a 48-hour strike over issues of severe understaffing and low pay. The workers there, who look after people with serious intellectual disabilities, are members of the National Union of Public Employees and the NZ… Read more

  • The Electoral Finance Act: a draconian and over-the-top law that will be used against unionists and radical leftists

    The Electoral Finance Act sounds like a pretty boring piece of legislation, yet it sparked one of the biggest disagreements in New Zealand politics last year. Does it really have much to do with workers’ concerns? And will it advance the interests of workers? The Spark talked to Bryce Edwards, a lecturer in Politics at… Read more

  • February issue of The Spark Out Now!

    The far-off land of Nepal has been much in the news lately, through its connections to the late Sir Edmund Hillary. Overwhelmingly, New Zealand mainstream media depicted Nepalese people as passive recipients of Hillary’s humanitarian aid. It came as rather a surprise when it was reported that the Nepalese government had not flown the flag… Read more

  • Opinions divided over Nepal

    Daphna Whitmore Nepal is gearing up for elections in April. The monarchy will be dissolved, ending its 300-year reign, and elected representatives will draft a constitution. The elections are part of a peace package which suspended an eleven-year people’s war led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).  Is this an inspired move by the… Read more

  • Workers Party at the Big Day Out

    Daphna Whitmore The sign said “Rage against capitalism”, and people were in the mood to do just that. Workers Party comrades signed up 109 new members at Auckland’s recent Big Day Out. Concertgoers signed up steadily from 8am until 1pm non-stop. At times there were small queues waiting to sign and pay the membership fee. Read more

  • Why I Joined the WP

    “I had long considered myself a Labour voter, even before I could vote, but as I learned more about Socialism, I became increasingly disillusioned with Labour’s actions in government, especially their impact on poor and working people… 4 young activists tell us why they joined the Workers Party: Read more

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