Palestine Pamphlet

Revolution in Nepal

Walking with the Comrades

Afghanistan pamphlet 2010

The Truth About Labour

The Maori in Prehistory and Today

Spark Supplements:

What’s happening in the finance sector


All we need do is wait – right? all we need

Scrap the new laws

90 Day Fire at Will and Union Access Leaflet

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Leaflet

Ben Peterson tour Eyewitness to a Revolution

GST leaflet

Support Palestinian Resistance PFLP Campaign Leaflet

Can students be radical?

why you should join wp

Climate Change: Reform or Revolution

Labour – not so worker friendly election leaflet (Oct 2008)

Know your rights!

Are the Bosses Indispensible?

Students, the University and the Limits of Capitalism

Organising to win
Leaflet in support of locked out Progressive Enterprises workers (2006)

Oppose State Violence!
Leaflet against the October 2007 “anti-terror” raids

Leaflet against job losses at Fisher & Paykel – (May 2008)

The Truth About Job Losses – (September 2008)

Struggle unionism vs Clean Start campaign (Feb 2007)

Hertz vs avis politics (Feb 2007)

Public Talks from Marxism 2007

A Marxist Guide to Understanding Economics

Taking Liberties: The Strong State in the UK


Job Watch 2007 – New Zealand job losses in 2007


Workers Party Constitution

Open Letter to Socialist Aotearoa – May 2008

Second Open Letter to Socialist Aotearoa – December 2008

Workers Party member assaulted by Labour party member at conference protest – November 2007

Workers Party 2008 election campaign platform

Study Material

Click here to view a collection of Workers Party study guides and educational pamphlets


Ben Peterson Poster (Auckland tour dates)

Workers Resistance 2009 more posters here

Aid as Imperialism 09 (public talk poster)

Capitalism: It’s Just Not Cool (election poster)

Changing the System (election poster)

Capitalism is a bit out-dated (election poster)

Pepsi vs Coke: progressive alternatives to the Labour Party Labour Day election meeting


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