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In the 1990s the original Workers Party NZ published many papers and pamphlets by Ray Nunes (1916-1999) its founding chairman. Ray had been a member of the Communist Party of New Zealand for 40 years, most of those years on its leading committees. He left the party when it began following Enver Hoxha. Ray defined his outlook as pro-Mao, Marxist-Leninist.

In 2002 the original WPNZ founded by Ray Nunes joined with the Revolution group as well as some independent leftists to stand in the parliamentary elections held that year as the Anti-Capitalist Alliance.

In 2006 this new merged organisation re-adopted the old Workers Party name, although unlike the old WPNZ it does not define itself exclusively in terms of any one revolutionary tradition.

Historical Materialism

Political Economy

Dialectical Materialism


Human Rights


The Euro

Evolution of Society

Pope Pius XII

Equality bigger than iwi

Auckland’s power crisis

US dirty war in Iraq 1990s

The mystique of monarchy

Who makes history

Multinational Investment Treaty

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