WGTN ANZAC Event: Disrupting the Narrative

disrupting the narrative

Disrupting the Narrative is a week-long event incorporating an exhibition of contemporary art, historical material and public talks that seeks to reframe existing narratives about New Zealand’s participation in the First World War and link it to contemporary issues. We hope you will join us for the week. ART NOT WAR COLLECTIVE disruptingthenarrative@gmail.com

12 noon
Keynote: Steven Eldred-Grigg, The Great Wrong War
The continuing impact of World War 1 on contemporary issues with Peace Action Wellington
Resistance to World War 1 at home and abroad with the Labour History Project
Maori Resistance to War
Artists talk about war and peace, including performances and kai with the KAVA CLUB.

April 21-April 26
Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington
[Facebook event]

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